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Budget Template: How Each Kind Looks Like and What It is Used for

Finance is one of the most important things you’ve got to manage in your life. Taking it lightly can cost you big. Money is not everything, but we need to make a living and spend it wisely in life. For that, we suggest you use the budget template. It is one to help you manage your finance.

Bank of America Personal Budget Spreadsheet in Excel

That being said, there are many kinds of this template out there. You’ve got to learn about each kind, so you know what this template could be used for. Depending on the needs, you need to make a different kind after all. Let’s see here.

Budget Template Kind and Usage #1

If we have to start, we need to begin from the simplest one of all. A simple budget template is just as the name suggests. In its making, there is nothing much to elaborate on. Even so, it has a very neat format that is straight to the point. There is no need to go a roundabout way to report budget, right?

Budgeting Calculator Spreadsheet with Guidelines ver 1 50v

It simply tells the total income each month. Then, a list of expenses would also be included and how much you can save with that. The simple template makes the best choice to manage a private budget. You can make good use of it for sure.

Budget Template Kind and Usage #2

A little different from the simple budget, there is personal kind to make too. Typically, a personal template would come up with two sheets. The designs between the two are different from each other. The first sheet would be meant to cover the income, expenditure, and savings incurred per month.

College Budget Template Download Excel Example

As for the other one, it would be to summarize everything in the form of graphics. So, there should be a pie chart to find on the second sheet without a doubt. Of course, you can put the data in different choices of the chart as long as it is a chart.

Budget Template Kind and Usage #3

Now that you have known the personal one, what about the family budget this time? As you know, this particular kind of templates is used to monitor all the income of your family. It is usually kept track per month. That way, you can get a clear look at how the income is spread for the expenses you do make.

d budget sheet

It covers more than just personal needs. They could be gas bills, maintenance fees, kids’ tuition, medical bills, trips, and vacations, etc. The budget sheet will also have you to conclude just how much you can save from all of that.

Budget Template Kind and Usage #4

The template can be used to manage the budget for the entire household as well. When it comes to household though, there will be more things to keep track of course. For example, instead of just one source of income, there could be multiple ones to meet the expenses of the whole household.    Download Basic Project Budget Template in Excel Editable Project Budget Template Excel Download EOD Deluxe Budget 2.0 Family Budget Template Word Doc Download Financial Excel Budget Template Free Download Free Download Budget Spreadsheet in Excel Format Household Budget Worksheet Template Free Download Marketing Budget Forecast Template Excel Free Download Sample Strategic Digital Marketing Budget Template

Those sources must be listed down in the budget template. Make sure to list it per month. Then, don’t forget to write how it is utilized for the expenses of the household. With that, you are done making the template to manage your budget.

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