Restroom Checklist Template

Restroom Checklist for Keeping the Room Fresh and Clean

Most hotels and buildings have a restroom. Keeping this room in good condition is a challenging task. The restroom is usually designed alongside the toilet and bathroom, but it depends on space availability. Sanitation, cleaning, and hygiene are the things that must be considered. This is where management relies on the restroom checklist.

Sample Basic Daily Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Restroom Checklist Template And Sample

The next section gives some samples related to the restroom checklist. Most of them are common checklists that apply for any restroom. One template and others are quite similar in terms of layout and items.

  1. Restaurant restroom checklist

The most visited room in the restaurant is the restroom. As mentioned above, this place is often a part of the toilet. People wash hands, clean themselves, and prepare things there. Cleaning and washing all sections in the restroom are necessary tasks to be done. You should put everything on the checklist and the worker will follow it.

  1. Daily cleaning restroom checklist

Many people come and go that makes cleaning activity has to be done daily. You can use a template for a daily cleaning checklist for the restroom. It contains the tasks that a cleaning worker must do. The daily schedule and checklist will keep the restroom in good and fresh condition every day.

  1. Washroom checklist

The washroom checklist helps you to clean the floor, toilet, sink, basin, and everything in that room properly. This checklist is not just for cleaning task, but inspection. You can inspect all parts and spots in that room, including the supply and toiletries

  1. Bathroom cleaning checklist

The restroom is not just in a public building or commercial place. You can also find it in your own house although the name might be a bathroom or washroom. In general, the function is similar that you use the room for freshening yourself. For that purpose, the room has to comfortable and clean. You can use this checklist for the bathroom at home.

  1. Public restroom checklist

The bathroom at home is only for yourself, family, or guests who visit rarely. On the contrary, a public restroom is a place for everyone. The building manager must have workers specifically for cleaning that room. This is an exhausting task especially the restroom in the station. You must enlist all activities and works that the cleaning workers must do.

Restroom Checklist Preparation

Cleaning restroom sounds a simple task, but some aspects should be prepared. You do not want the restroom located in a bad place and make your business has a bad image, right? Moreover, the good and clean restroom represents the way you manage your business.

Sample Compact Restroom Inspection Checklist Template

The restroom checklist starts with cleaning and swooping. After that, you need to check the supply, such as toiletries and soap. Make sure they are always available. You can also put fresheners in the restroom. The next part is to replace the broken part with a new one. Put the sign on the restroom and bathroom if there is a wet floor.

Restroom Checklist Template Design

The template for this checklist has several variations. Mostly, it looks like a standard checklist with a table and checkbox section. Some templates are long because many items have to be done as soon as possible. The checklist for inspection usually has an extra section for measurement level and condition.

Sample Professional Restroom Inspection Checklist Template

Restroom Checklist Template Download

You can make your template for the restroom checklist. As an alternative, the template is the best choice because it shortens time and effort. You can download and edit this checklist to adjust to your purpose. That’s what checklist for restroom supposed to be.   Sample Sample Restroom Cleaning Checklist Template Sample Simple Restroom Checklist Template Sample Standard Restroom Inspection Checklist Template Sample Standard Washroom Cleaning Checklist Template

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