Home Inspection Checklist Template

Home Inspection Checklist Template with More Samples for Your References

Property and real estate businesses have lucrative activity. Money in this field is very vast but also has high risk. You may buy a house and find the defect that costs your repair significantly. The situation is not in your favor because you do not conduct your home inspection. As a solution, you can download and implement a home inspection checklist template.

Sample Home Inspection Checklist Template

Home Inspection Checklist Template Purposes

The template shortens your way and method while inspection. Most people do not have an idea about this task. They just receive the report from a real estate agent. The report showed that the home does not have any issues. All checklist items are qualified.

Sample Annual Home Inspection Checklist Template

If you trust the real estate agent, that report is enough. However, it is better to explore and inspecting on your own. From such a report, you can make a template and start checking one by one. This is the main purpose of those templates. It helps in finding the thing that you want to know the most.

  1. Latest condition

The home inspection checklist template is for checking the latest condition based on the fact. You may rent a house from the landlord and see if what condition that house looks like. This template is also applicable to similar inspections, such as apartments, new houses, and buildings.

  1. Broken, defect, lack of integrity

The most important home inspection is you know what parts have been broken. More defects mean the house is lack of integrity. For your information, the seller or real estate agent tries to make the home look excellent. With a checklist, you can find something behind the excellent appearance.

  1. Repair, renovate, and maintenance

After knowing there is an issue, you can prepare to repair and renovate. The home inspection report explains certain areas or parts that must be fixed immediately. The report is a guideline for maintenance and renovation.

Home Inspection Checklist Outline and Content

The outline for this checklist is usually based on standard regulation. A home inspection is a task that only a licensed person does. You can do it on your own but you cannot make the formal and official report. The outline on this template is solely for personal use. The contents may be long and complex if you want a comprehensive inspection.

Sample Beach Holiday Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist Template and Samples

Some samples will be useful and helpful for reference. You need to know what the home inspection checklist template looks like. The samples are a guideline for comparing one template and others. More samples are listed in the following section.

  1. Basic home inspection checklist
  2. Apartment inspection checklist
  3. Inspection checklist for new home
  4. Inspection checklist for a rental home
  5. Buyer home inspection
  6. Home security checklist

Sample General Home Inspection Checklist Template

Home Inspection Checklist Template Free Files

The template helps you to handle the inspection task properly. If you are a real estate agent, having an inspection checklist will be useful before selling and buying a new home. For regular people, the checklist can find unexpected things when doing a personal investigation.    Sample Home Buyer Inspection Checklist Template Sample Home Security Inspection Checklist Template Sample Manufactured Home Inspection Checklist Template Sample New Home Inspection Checklist Template Sample Rental Home Inspection Checklist Template Sample Total Home Inspection Checklist Template

All files for the template are available for any home inspection you need. Some examples have been list in the above section. The template is from professional and experienced home inspectors. You can download and edit the home inspection checklist template for free.

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