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A landlord-tenant checklist is usually used by a property owner to keep an eye on the property that they have leased to someone else. Being a landlord is tricky because essentially your daily business is to rent your property to strangers. To avoid unwanted events, there will be tons of things that a landlord needs to check. This is why these checklist templates should be useful for them.

Sample Basic Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Landlord-Tenant Checklist Key Essentials

When making a landlord-tenant checklist, what should you find there? There are several things that the checklist should have, including the full address and other information about the property itself. Also, you need to write down the clear information of the tenant. Read more about it in the explanation down below.

  1. Property Address

The first thing to see in the checklist is the information about the property. It is including the property address. It should be clearly stated there as the checklist can be used as legal documentation of the renting deal. The tenant and the landlord should be on the same page of everything, including the exact location of the property.


  1. Landlord and Tenant Information

To avoid any complications in the future, the full information about the landlord and the tenant needs to be written on the checklist. The checklist is then copied and saved by both the tenant and the landlord for the legally-binding document. Find the needed templates of them down below for free.

Landlord-Tenant Checklist for Screening

This is the landlord-tenant checklist that you can use for screening. Screening is the very first process of renting the property to someone else. It is like the audition for the tenant. The landlord here will check the brief information about the tenant and decide whether or not they are suitable to rent and live in the property.

Sample Blue Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Landlord-Tenant Checklist for Move-In Report

When a new tenant is moving into the property, the landlord should keep a report. It will record everything that happens at the very moment, including the real situation of the house before the arrival of the new tenant. It can be used as a legal document to prove that the property is in good condition. Use the template right here to make that kind of checklist.

Sample Detailed Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Landlord-Tenant Checklist for Commercial Lease

A commercial lease is usually a bigger deal than a regular lease. There will be more parties involving in a deal and the value of the deal is also worth way more money than a regular lease. The template over here is going to help you to establish the checklist for this kind of lease. Sample Elaborate Landlord Tenant Checklist Template Sample Private Residential Landlord Tenant Checklist Template Sample Simple Landlord Tenant Checklist Template Sample Structured Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Whether you are an independent landlord or you have a mutual business with the real estate company, those checklists are essential to get. Letting the property go to someone you do not know about and to someone you do not even have a good impression at would be a disaster. That is why those landlord-tenant checklist templates must be downloaded to help you out.

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