Maintenance Checklist Template

Types of Maintenance Checklist Everyone Needs and Its Templates

A maintenance checklist is always needed if you want to keep everything long-lasting and great-looking. It does not matter how expensive something is. If you do not keep good care of it, it won’t last long and certainly would break down easily. These are some templates you can use to maintain everything, starting for buildings to cars. Here they are.

Sample Building Maintenance Checklist PDF Format Template


Building Maintenance Checklist Templates

Every type of building needs to be maintained. There are several types of building down below that should get regular maintenance. Read the information carefully and if you need the maintenance checklist templates for these kinds of buildings, feel free to download them. They are all downloadable here for free. Here they are.

  1. Checklist for School

The school building is very prone to disastrous events. A lot of kids and staff will be there every single day for five times a week. Most of them do not care about the building and they can stomp and destroy it. That is why the building needs regular maintenance. The templates you can find here should help you to make the checklist.


  1. Checklist for Restaurant

The restaurant is also a place to check every day by the owner. Restaurant maintenance projects are including checking on its equipment, cleanliness and many more. This is why you should have this type of checklist whenever you own a restaurant, whether it is on a big scale or smaller scale.


Property Maintenance Checklist Templates

Property means house here. Keeping up a house is always important. House has tons of rooms, hallways, and yards to take care of. Use this maintenance checklist template over here to ease your way to the maintenance process. Get the template over here for free by clicking on the image up above and download the template.

Sample Routine Maintenance Schedule and Checklist Excel Format Template


Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Templates

Owning a vehicle, especially cars will be such a waste of money if you do not keep a good keep up on it. There are tons of things to do when it comes to car maintenance, including on its tires, interior and engine for sure. Use this checklist over here to find out what are the needed maintenances your car needs so that you won’t get confused with it.


Hotel Maintenance Checklist Templates

A hotel is a grand place where many people come to stay temporarily. There are many things to maintain in a hotel building, including the building itself and of course the numerous rooms in there. To ease your way, use this template right here to get the checklist right. It should be easier for you to get those templates as they are all for free. 

Sample Routine System Maintenance Checklist DOC Format Template

To keep everything long-lasting, make sure that you do know how to get those templates downloaded. The templates are all for free and you do not even have to fill any forms or give away your credit card information to get them. Simply select the maintenance checklist template that you need and then click download.

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