Shift Change Checklist Template

Shift Change Checklist that Everyone Should Have

A shift change checklist is usually found in places where the employees are taking turns in doing the jobs or tasks. Places like hotels, hospitals or restaurants are usually open for business like more than 12 hours a day. That is why they need to recruit a lot of employees and divide them to work in shifts. The checklist is going to help to control the shift changes every single day.

Sample Editable Shift Change Checklist Template


Shift Change Checklist Usage and Importance

Is the shift change checklist really important? The answer is yes. Yes, it is really important to keep everything under control, including keeping an eye on the employee’s performance. The usage and importance of the template can be seen in the further explanation down below. You should read them to make sure that you do realize how necessary the usage of the checklist is.

  1. Describing Tasks

Each employee and staff have their job and tasks to do while at work. The checklist will tell the manager or supervisor exactly what their employees need to do. That way, the checking process can be done easier and faster. There is no need to ask each of the employees about their job every single day.

  1. Controlling Employee’s Performance

Controlling the performance of the employee will be very easy to do as long as you have this particular checklist in your hand. You can use it to track the employees who do their job superbly and who are not doing it properly. The checklist then can be forwarded to the HR department for further action.


Manager Shift Change Checklist Templates

Among all the staff and crews, the manager needs to know the most about the employees’ performance. After all, it would be the manager who assesses everything and make a report to the board or the CEO. For managers, they need to download this shift change checklist template over here. This will certainly ease your job in reporting the shift changes in the company.

Sample Modern Shift Change Checklist Template


Front Desk Shift Change Checklist Templates

The front desk of a company or hotel has to be open for 24 hours. There will be a certain shift changes here. Use this template here to create the best checklist for that purpose. It can be used for places like hotels and others that have a front desk. Get them right now as the examples and templates here are easy and free to download.


Restaurant Shift Change Checklist Templates

The restaurant is the place where the employees and staff are numerous and taking turns in doing their jobs. Use this template here to control the shift changes of a restaurant. You will be able to download these templates in PDF format all for free.  

Sample Sample Shift Change Checklist Template

There is no need to get confused when you have to report or control the shift changes in a restaurant or business places. You can do it with ease right now after making sure that you have downloaded all those templates above. Use them to create the most elaborated shift change checklist possible. Get them right now for free.

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