Monthly Checklist Template

Monthly Checklist Template for Various Functions

Everyone has activity, task, and things to be done. Students have homework and must attend school. Employees should complete the jobs that the company or employer gives to them. On the other hand, you have your own life alongside a daily and monthly basis. With those tasks at hand, it is impossible to be on time unless you have a keen mind. Sometimes, you forget and the result is bad. To ensure you do the things properly, the monthly checklist template is what you must have.

Sample Business Meeting Checklist Template 1

This checklist template uses a monthly basis. You can enlist the items and tasks that must be done in a month. It is useful for anyone regardless of the situation and profession. The checklist helps students manage their study and schedule. Moreover, the construction project can use this template to ensure all jobs are done. Meanwhile, employees can create a checklist for the next meeting.

Monthly Checklist Template and Samples

You can have some checklist templates with different layout and items. Each is for a certain purpose and situation. Moreover, all templates are available with customized and editable features. You may change, add, delete, edit, and expand the contents based on what you need the most. Here are some samples of the checklist.

  1. Personal checklist template
  2. Inspection checklist
  3. Accounting checklist
  4. Construction checklist
  5. Monthly cleaning checklist
  6. Monthly audit checklist
  7. Payroll checklist
  8. Employee monthly checklist

Sample Committee Meeting Checklist 1

Monthly Checklist Template Purposes

You can use the monthly checklist template for several purposes. More explanation about this one will be on the following list.

  1. Reminder

The checklist is useful as a reminder. You can make a note and arrange it to be every month. This is a simple example of a checklist. For more advanced ones, you rely on a template. You see what task is necessary to be done today and tomorrow. The reminder usually has an alarm or notification.


  1. Following schedule and timeline

You may have a schedule, and following it is important. This schedule comes from various sources, such as employer, neighbor, home, children, school, college, project, etc. You may remember a few of them but not the entire tasks. Therefore, the checklist template gives a timeline and guideline when you should accomplish the task.


  1. Priority list

The priority list is another purpose of the monthly checklist template. You can analyze every task and obligation you have. After that, put it into the list and arrange it properly based on the priority level.

Monthly Checklist Template for Personal

The company has a new schedule and each employee receives the specific one. You are a part of that company and should complete the schedule. At home, you also have other things to handle. This situation is common for people because it’s part of their life.

Sample Daily Meeting Checklist Template 1

To manage the affair and work properly, you need the checklist template. From all schedules and tasks, you can organize it into your checklist. Enlist the things to be done in one day, week, and month. This checklist is useful to ensure that you do not miss anything.

Monthly Checklist Template for Business

In business, efficiency and productivity are the top priorities. Employees must follow the timeline that contains the task. Each task has a specific time expected to be done. The procedures and projects have a deadline. If one task is not finished yet, the others must wait. That’s not a good sign especially when the business requires precision. That’s why the company often has a monthly checklist template.   Sample Effective Meeting Checklist Template 1 Sample Family Meeting Checklist Template 1 Sample Meeting Preparation Checklist Template 1 Sample Pre Meeting Checklist Template 1

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