Resignation Checklist Template

Resignation Checklist Template for Various Situations

In a certain point of life, someone may need to leave an institution where they have been a part of to embark on a new journey. Resigning from an institution is not that simple, though. Some procedures must be done. A resignation checklist template is at times needed to make sure that the process would happen smoothly.

Sample Director Resignation Checklist Template

Resignation Checklist Template Advantages

Why is it better to prepare for this checklist? When resigning from an institution, someone needs to do a lot of things at once in a limited amount of time. This is related to giving up facilities provided for this person as a part of the institution so that the new person would be able to use them. There are cases when this process is not done appropriately and thus creating issues for the institution in the future.

Sample Employee Resignation Checklist Template

Having a resignation checklist template is going to help the person who resigns to do the procedure step by step so it would be less hectic. It ensures that there will be no task left out to do. The person would be able to start on a clean slate in the new institution and the past institution can take someone in.

Resignation Checklist Template Basic Information

Here is the list of the basic information needed in the checklist.

  1. Header

The header usually contains information related to who this checklist is presented for. As an example, an employee who resigns should give this checklist to their direct supervisor before leaving the company. This header also needs to show who is the person performing the tasks and what position they were in.

  1. Tasks that must be performed

A list of tasks that must be performed before someone is leaving the institution needs to be written clearly on the resignation checklist template. It would be better if the tasks are categorized into a certain cluster so that the completion can be done in a more organized manner.

  1. Date of task completion

To ensure that the supervisor can check whether the tasks have been performed by the resigning person, it would be better to add the date of task completion to this template. Some institution already has the digital system for this which makes recording the task much easier.

  1. A sign from the person who resigns

At the end of this checklist, there should be a sign from the person who completes the task. It indicates that the tasks have been done.

Resignation Checklist Template: Who Will Need It?

Who is going to need this template? It can be an employee of a company who is going to resign. In this case, the checklist needs to be prepared by the human resources department because tasks performed are similar from one resigning employee to another and they are parts of the system. Students who are graduating also require this template.

Sample Handover Resignation Checklist Template

Resignation Checklist Template Examples

If you are looking for this template to make the task a lot easier, this is the perfect page to do it. Some templates can be used immediately because they are already filled. Meanwhile, if a blank resignation checklist template is what you are looking for, there are some good samples as well.   Sample HR Resignation Checklist Template Sample Job Resignation Checklist Template Sample Staff Resignation Checklist Template Sample Student Employment Resignation Checklist

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