Termination Checklist Template

Termination Checklist for Employer and Employee

Employees have a contract that ends at a certain time. At the end of the period, they will receive a termination letter. The company or employer handles this document properly. In a normal situation, both parties will agree about termination. However, you might expect an unwanted situation during the termination process. This is when the employer and employee prepare the termination checklist.

Sample DOC Format of Employment Termination Checklist Template

Termination does not have to be the end of the contract. The specific condition might create evaluation and review regarding employee performance. The company thinks that it cannot provide the best result. In an extreme situation, the employees may make a mistake that costs a big loss. The company should take action and decides to terminate the contract.

Termination Checklist Purposes

The purposes of a termination checklist will be explored in the next section. The employee has the right to know the reasons and factors regarding termination procedures. On the other side, the company must terminate based on the proper rules.

  1. Evaluation

The checklist has a purpose as an evaluation tool. Before termination, the company conducts meetings and discussions with the employee, the HR department, and relevant stakeholders. Each has an opinion, and the checklist guides what must be stated.

  1. Protecting right

The checklist is a reference for protection right. Employees and employers have the right when termination is decided. For the employee, the checklist ensures all procedures are implemented properly. The employer also has the right based on what has been written on the employment contract.

  1. Avoid illegal process

As mentioned above, termination is a situation where the risk for the illegal issue might come. The company avoids this one when terminating the employees. Of course, the employee can have a lawsuit, but make sure this action is in the right order.

Termination Checklist Template And Sample

Contract and agreements have signed as an official document. Both parties agree and oblige to implement the terms and conditions. The employee signed the contract after the recruitment process is done. On the other side, the employer gave the contract based on what the company needed.

Sample Employee Termination Checklist DOC Format

Learning about the termination checklist is a not difficult task. Some terms are familiar even you are not part of the employment. Some items use legal and official words indicating particular conditions. More samples will use as a reference.

  1. Contract termination checklist
  2. Employee termination checklist
  3. Printable template for termination checklist
  4. Blank checklist
  5. Pre-termination checklist

Termination Checklist Layout And Outline

The outline and layout depend on what kind of termination you are in recent times. It might be a long list with more pages. For simple termination, the procedure is less complex, and the item is relatively easy to understand. Check each template to ensure you pick the right checklist.

Sample Employee Termination Checklist DOC Format Template

Termination Checklist Free Template

This checklist is not something you make out of blue. Usually, you have to be in the HR department to understand what it does. For a quick solution, you can rely on the template as it offers more benefits.

  1. Free template

The template is available for anyone involved in the termination process and situation. You can get this one as a free file. No extra money or fee should be paid. This benefit is something you cannot refuse.

  1. Editable

After the file is at your computer, just open and check all layouts. The file is editable that’s capable to adjust with your preference. That’s what you obtain from the termination checklist.   Sample Exiting Checklist PDF Format Sample Hire and Termination Checklist DOC Format Template Sample PDF Format of Employee Termination Checklist Template Sample Sample Involuntary Termination Checklist DPC Format Template Sample SampleTermination Meeting CheckList DOC Format Template Sample Separation Termination Checklist DOC Format Template Sample Termination Checklist PDF Format Template

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