Project Evaluation Checklist Template

Project Evaluation Checklist Template as Free Files with Samples

You may have a project that started a week ago. All works are not done, but there is a necessity for evaluation. Each task is required to enter the evaluation stage to ensure everything is in proper order. You may use the project plan for creating an evaluation checklist. To shorten your time, project evaluation checklist template is the right tool. The template has items and a list of tasks related to your project. During the evaluation, you can compare what should be done and what has been done.

Sample Contractor Project Evaluation Checklist

Project Evaluation Checklist Template Purposes

Before picking the project evaluation checklist template, several aspects are necessary to understand. At the first stage, you must know the purpose of that template. People rely on template due to some benefits. The next list gives more explanation about it.

  1. Relevant task

Evaluation is a process to do checking and assessing everything that has been implanted. For the project, you can evaluate works, processes, resources, material, tools, workers, and tasks. The first thing about the evaluation checklist is relevancy between task and result. You can compare and analyze all the works that have been done.

  1. Efficiency

The template gives a guideline on how to manage efficiency when working on a project. This is an important part because the project has a resource to be allocated as efficiently as possible. When something is out of order, you will know immediately.

  1. Impact

The impact is related to what everyone will get. When the task is less efficient, material and tools are at risk. The project will need more than completing a specific task. The valuation sees what impact the project will have on others.

Project Evaluation Checklist Template and Sample

The checklist is not a complex document because you can recognize it easily. On the other hand, some files have complicated content, but the layout and design are relatively recognizable. The next list shows some samples for the project evaluation checklist template.

  1. Construction project checklist
  2. Post-project checklist
  3. Qualitative evaluation checklist
  4. Contractor evaluation
  5. School project

Sample Post Project Evaluation Checklist

When discussing the project, most people consider construction as a common example. This is what a project looks like in real life. The construction requires efficient planning, effective management, vast resource, and excellent evaluation. Another project in the above list is the school one. This is what students mostly do at school.

Project Evaluation Checklist Template Layout And Outline

The checklist uses a simple layout for managing contents and items. You usually see the list of tasks in table mode with several columns and rows. The first column is for the tasks, items, and anything that you must evaluate. It is divided into several sections as the subcategories.

Sample Project Criteria Evaluation Checklist

The next one will be the evaluation or measurement level. It uses a quantitative or qualitative scale. This part depends on the items. You may put the number or just a simple checkbox. The last column is mostly for an extra note or more explanation.

Project Evaluation Checklist Template Free Download

You can have this template for the evaluation checklist and download it as a free file. After the file is on your computer, you can open compatible software and edit it based on your needs. The project evaluation checklist template uses an extension that everyone knows. You just change and add a few items. After that, the template is ready for the next project evaluation session.   Sample Project Evaluation Checklist for Construction Sample Project Planning Evaluation Checklist Sample Qualitative Project Evaluation Checklist Sample Science Fair Project Evaluation Checklist

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