Meeting Checklist Template

Meeting Checklist Template and Sample for Business

The meeting is a part of business activity for a certain purpose. You can manage the company and conduct a meeting with employees. The topic of the meeting depends on the situation, condition, and purpose. It may be about marketing, sales, financial, customers, product, safety aspect, etc. You need a meeting checklist template as a reminder to avoid forgetting the things to be done.

Sample Business Meeting Checklist Template

The checklist has several purposes that everyone must-have during the meeting. You know what to be discussed and done immediately. With the checklist, you have a priority list and reminder. Some issues are urgent which means you must solve them during the meeting. Moreover, the checklist keeps meeting at a proper timeline and guideline.

Meeting Checklist Template Purposes

The next section will explore the reasons why you need a meeting checklist template. Having a template is necessary because you can prepare the topic and content quickly. More meeting purposes are listed in the below section.

  1. Topic preparation

The checklist makes sure you prepare the topic and material before going to the meeting. It has a list of what you should bring, create, and obtain.

  1. Priority list

As mentioned above, the checklist is useful for preparing the priority list. You have an issue to be done and a lesser trivial topic. You know which one that should be discussed first.


  1. Efficient and effective discussing

The checklist is necessary to ensure people discussing the topic efficiently. You have a timeline for each item. One task is done at a particular period. Therefore, you can manage the timeline properly with a checklist.


  1. Reminder

The most common purpose of a checklist is a reminder. You have it to avoid forgetting the topic and issue. The checklist can be a small reminder in your pocket that helps your speech.

Meeting Checklist Template and Samples

More samples will be useful as a reference before you make your checklist. In general, the checklist is various and personal because you create based on the situation and condition you expect. Check the below examples to understand what meeting checklist template should like.

  1. Simple meeting checklist
  2. Employee meeting checklist
  3. Termination meeting checklist
  4. Business meeting
  5. Family meeting
  6. Daily meeting checklist
  7. Healthy meeting checklist

Sample Committee Meeting Checklist

Meeting Checklist Template Layout

The checklist uses layout consisting of tables and lists. The table separates one item and others. You can put the list of tasks or activities alongside the marking spot. When the task is ready or done, you can add the check sign. It is a good reminder layout with an effective outline. You may expand it with more tables or lists.

Sample Daily Meeting Checklist Template

Meeting Checklist Template Download

The template keeps meeting in check. This is an important thing when you are in charge of managing a project or company. Every meeting must be efficient to make the proper decision and result. You do not waste the time and effort in discussing the unnecessary topic. The template provides the things to be done as soon as possible.   Sample Effective Meeting Checklist Template Sample Family Meeting Checklist Template Sample Meeting Preparation Checklist Template Sample Pre Meeting Checklist Template

You can have templates for the meeting checklist without a fee. All files are ready to fulfill your needs and preferences. Each is dedicated to a specific topic, such as finances, family, daily activity, security, etc. You just download the meeting checklist template based on your purpose and situation. The file uses a platform that most people know, such as PDF, doc, and xls. You are surely familiar with them and already have the software to do editing.

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