New Hire Checklist Templates

New Hire Checklist Templates for Company and Business Employment Process

A new hire checklist template is a form that is used to help HR and manager of a company to ensure that they already covered the necessary steps or parts to guide and prepare the new employee through the process of joining the company. Typically, the several first days of work are the crucial time for the new hire to get familiar and set the tone with the company, thus it could be the measurement for the employer if hiring them is a good investment for the business.

Sample DOC Format of New Hire Employee Checklist Template

New Hire Checklist Templates

The process of looking for new employees is a long and arduous task. Now that the whole process is over and you’ve finally trimmed down the number of qualified candidates to one or few individuals that compatible with all of the requirements, the work is not over yet.

Sample New Hire Checklist DOC Format Template

The faster you can make the new employees adapt to the environment of your company, the faster they can become a productive part of the team. To make those first days of employment run smoothly and convenient for everyone, you can use these templates of new hire checklist to follow the chronological steps of welcoming your new employee.

New Hire Checklist Contents

Here are several things to include in the checklist to hire a new employee: 

  1. Orientation outline

The general orientation things will fall under this section. However, there are some things you cannot leave out such as well, such as team introduction, job training and assignment, and the job description and expectations.

  1. Employment contract

The contract for employment typically has sent along with a job offer to make sure that the employee is notified and signed to the contract. A standard contract of employment usually contains the title of the job, employment period, salary details, schedule, responsibilities and duties, benefits for the employee, and the termination conditions.

  1. Legal requirements

This section would most likely differ according to your local or regional law. It could be more complex if the employee should work remotely or the company is branched through multiple countries or states. The documents that should be included in this category are tax form, deposit form, employment verification form, and so on.

  1. Company requirements

The company documents are the ones that should be signed by the new hires. Several examples of company requirements are non-disclosure agreement, health test agreement, various policies within the company and many more.

  1. Benefits package

To avoid confusion about what things are covered and not covered within the company, the benefits package is now required to be revealed beforehand. It usually includes health insurance, retirement plan, vacation time, etc.

The New Hire Checklist Formats

These templates of the new hire checklist are available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PDF format. You can choose any that you’d like to download and use them for free.

Sample New Hire Paperwork Checklist Excel Format Template

The Free New Hire Checklist Download

The new hire checklist will make sure that nothing is missed during the process of employing. These downloadable checklists are also editable to match with your company requirements.   Sample Supervisor New Employee Checklist PDF Format Template

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