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Best Professional-Looking Training Checklist Templates

Conducting a training program for the new employees in your company is a program that often ends up cost a lot. However, as costly as it does, almost all companies would still include the program to welcome new hires because it has several advantages such as helping the new employee to feel comfortable with the new environment, helping them to understand the structure and regulations inside the organization, and getting them familiar with the existing staffs. To make sure that the training program carried by your company went cost-effective and nothing gets left, a training checklist is a perfect tool to use during the period.

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Free Training Checklist Forms

A training checklist is a pre-formatted template that can be used as a management tool to prevent your company from leaving anything important during the training program for the new hires. It could be used for the existing employee that’s going to get a new position or new roles inside the company as well.

Having a checklist with consistent content can ensure that there’s no important aspect that’s being overlooked throughout the training process. It must be made with specific items that applied to the standard of your business or organization.

Basic Training Checklist Contents

Regardless of the specific standards that your company has, some general matters must be covered inside the checklist. Here are several elements that you’d find on most training checklist templates.

  1. Policies and regulations inside your company ─ related to issues such as paid leave or holiday policies, absenteeism, performance reviews, complaint procedures and things that often included in the employee handbook. These items must be acknowledged and understood by the new hire.
  2. Office safety rules ─ a series of obligations to avoid serious hazards such as injuries, accidents, or property damage. It should be provided by the employers and obeyed by all employees.
  3. Procedures on an emergency ─ things to do and person to report in case there is an emergency of any kind occurred such as natural disaster, accident, assailants, or terrorism.
  4. Equipment manuals and maintenance ─ how to use and take care of office equipment to manage the office works such as photocopy machines, printers, fax machines, and so on.
  5. Specific job description ─ clear statements about the job duties, responsibilities, requirements, and needed skills to perform in a specific position or role inside the company.

Training Checklist Purposes

The forms of the checklist would help you to complete the onboarding process for new hires so they can adjust faster and better into their position. The training program itself is very useful to help the employee to:

  1. Learn how the company and the specific department they’re signed in operate.
  2. Understand the policies and regulations enforced by the company.
  3. Set their workstations up with the necessary equipment and tools.

Download Training Checklist Templates

Check out the series of training checklist template to use throughout your company’s onboarding program. These ready-made checklists are professionally designed and free to download in various formats that you would like to have.  Sample Safety Training Checklist PDF Format

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