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Restaurant Checklist to Help Managing a Restaurant Opening More Effectively

Starting a restaurant business is not something that can be done carelessly. Many elements are involved in the process of starting this business. To ensure it can happen seamlessly, a restaurant checklist will be needed by the businessman. Information related to this checklist would be presented on this page.

Sample Restaurant Checklist Template

Restaurant Checklist Types

To make sure that the dining business only offers the best type of service for its client, some checklists may need to be prepared in its operation. Here are some of them.

  1. Safety Checklist

The first type of checklist that should be prepared is related to safety inside the restaurant. It should list the plumbing system, electrical circuits, cooking appliances maintenance, and even the disaster preparedness in the restaurant. This checklist is important to ensure that customers and employees are safe within the establishment.

  1. Quality Assurance Checklist

A restaurant checklist for quality assurance also needs to be prepared. It should encompass the quality of food being presented to the customer, how employees are serving the customer, process in the kitchen and dining hall, and even cleanliness. This checklist is important because the restaurant would be having inspection once in a while so this checklist will ensure that an establishment is at its top condition and if there is any issue, it would be taken care of quickly.

  1. Day-to-day Operation Checklist

Even in day-to-day operation which is done every single opening day, the restaurant needs to have a guideline. An operational checklist to guide the process is important. This checklist should list all things that need to be done for a day in a restaurant operation.

Opening Restaurant Checklist Basic Components

Here is the list of basic components for a restaurant checklist to start a restaurant.

  • Building inspection; it includes the safety of every system in the building and procedure of how the restaurant would handle emergencies.
  • Budget system; it includes the investment used to fund the restaurant opening, cost of daily operation, and projected earnings.
  • Personnel; it includes everyone involved in the business from cooks, servers, human resources, financial officers, and so on.
  • Waste system; since the restaurant will produce waste at the end of the day, there needs to be a checklist to ensure that it is managed well.
  • Cleanliness; it includes the standard procedure for food handling, hygiene of cooking equipment or dining utensils, as well as the cleanliness of kitchen and dining hall.

Sample Green Restaurant Checklist

Restaurant Checklist Design Ideas

The idea when you are making a checklist for the restaurant is that the information must be presented clearly so there will be no false interpretation. Another important thing is making sure that there will be no component being missed. A design idea to ensure that is creating a table for the tasks. The table would be a visual cue one needs to do the task in an organized way and understanding information in parts and whole at the same time.

Sample Restaurant Manager Shift Change Checklist

Restaurant Checklist Examples

This web page has so many restaurant checklist examples that one can use. There is a checklist for daily kitchen operation, dining hall, and even a bathroom in a restaurant. One can also find a checklist for management such as strategic planning and financial operation. A checklist for closing is also provided.   Sample Restaurant Pre Opening Checklist Sample Restaurant Safety Checklist Template Sample Restaurant Start Up Checklist Sample Retail Restaurant Checklist

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