Construction Schedule Template

Construction Schedule Template and How to Make It

As a contractor, you must have a schedule. If you are a beginner, you have never made it before. It seems difficult. However, our construction schedule template will make your task easier. So, pay attention to the following guidelines and templates in this article.

Construction Project Planing and Scheduling

Why Need a Construction Schedule?

It is very important to have a construction schedule plan. It gives you an idea of the time your clients have given you to finish the project. It also lets you estimate the costs needed. Besides, you can also calculate the budget earlier. Then, it is also useful to inform the clients related to the project.

Construction Schedule Template PDF

With a schedule, you can predict the contractor’s cash flow. Next, it also aims to open communication between your contractor & you. Even more, you can monitor your budget, too. Also, you will know the exact time to call & book subcontractors

Techniques of Creating a Construction Schedule

There are some techniques you can use in creating a construction project schedule. So, you will be able to monitor its progress and plan accordingly. The first technique is by using bar charts. It is the simplest technique because it is very easy to understand.

The second technique is the critical path method. If you want to make a more detailed schedule, this is the best option. It contains a list of activities related to your construction project. With this technique, your schedule will contain the assigns start & completion dates, too.

The next is a line of balance technique. It is a repetitive planning method. The most important thing is to assign all the sources needed for every activity. Another one is the Q schedule. It belongs to a new technique that gains momentum, especially among contractors & contracting firms.

What to Do Before Creating a Construction Schedule

Before you make a constriction schedule planner, you have to understand the project wholly. Besides, you must also recognize the constraints coming with the construction project. Then, you should also create a list of activities required to complete the project. You should make a sequence of activities, too.

Next, what you have to do is to decide the unit of time you will use. You must determine the duration of the activities then. It is also important to know what to expect on the completion date. Other things to do are to determine the milestones of the project, make a Gantt chart, and keep accountability in mind.

How to Make a Construction Schedule

Usually, people use Excel to make a construction schedule. An Excel construction schedule is a good idea because it is easy to make and read. If you are familiar with Ms. Excel, you can make it easier. However, if you do not know how to start, you can consider using our templates. 

SIP Construction Schedule Template Free PDF Format 1

With our construction schedule template, you can save time, effort, and money to schedule your tasks related to the construction project. You just need to pick your preferred template available in this article. Then, you can edit it using an editing tool to fit your needs.

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