Cook interview question and answer and tips to make it impressive 

A restaurant cook usually will prepare ingredients, clean workstations, and ensure the availability of necessary cooking supplies. This job has an important role in the restaurant so that you need to prepare the Cook interview question and answer to get the satisfaction restaurant cooks to serve the customer as well.

47. Cook interview question

Besides, when you arrange this Cook interview question and answer format, you also need to know the duties of restaurant cooks or chefs. You need to get a strong candidate that is detailed-oriented, organized, and efficient. You also need to avoid those who lack sufficient culinary training or a strong work ethic.

How to create a Cook interview question and answer well 

To make a proper question and answer, you need to pay attention to the step to arrange it. The Cook interview question and answer idea will be clear if you arrange it step-by-step. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some ideas below to make a great interview question without any difficulties.

  • You can arrange a question for the test technical skills by asking the formal cooking experience for the candidate
  • You also need to give a question about their creativity by asking how their interpretation set you apart from other cooks
  • Remember to pay attention to the question of duty expectation by asking about daily tasks and how they can prepare work areas
  • Asking about the interpersonal skills by giving a question of handling conflict with other kitchen staff member is also important

Tips to make a good Cook interview question and answer

Your Cook interview question and answer format design will be useful if you apply some tips before you give some questions for the candidate. You have to pay attention that the questions and answers are relevant and you think about how it can contribute to answering your research questions. This idea also needs to be open-ended.

You can read the following Cook interview question and answer sample that will help you to arrange a question and also the answer about the chef. Here are some of the examples that can be followed:

Q: As a cook, do you know the health codes in the specific state or country?

A: of course, I know. I am familiar with the health codes.

Q: How can you handle the situation of serving crowded customers?

A: I will personally tell the customer and offer my apologies and I will recommend another dish and offer a complimentary dessert.

Q: What is the most stressful situation that you have when cooking and how can handle it?

A: Once, the glass broke during lunch. I call the manager and we will together to find a solution. With this idea, we can serve all the guests.

What is the role of a Cook interview question and answer?

The Cook interview question and answer will have an important role for the manager to get information from the candidate. Giving a proper question and answer will help the employer understand the quality of the candidate. Because of that, you can eliminate other people that cannot answer your questions as well.



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