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Custody Agreement: Assure Your Assets Guardianship

Do you need someone to take care of your child or other particular assets?  If so, you can take the service of a custody agreement. To make sure that everything you have will be handled well, you can make use of the custody agreement. When you decide to use this agreement, you need to include the legal custody details, residential custody, and authority details. Besides, you need to include access rights and decision making in your agreement. Thus, your printable custody agreement will be valid and acceptable to use. To get a reference, you can download various samples of this agreement here.

Sample Child Parenting Custody Agreement

8 Best Kinds of Custody Agreement Templates You Can Find Here

When you go to this website, you will find various templates of this agreement. Here are a few kinds you can download.

  1. Child custody

This template can help you to make an agreement for taking care of the child.

  1. Temporary custody

With this template, someone can fake temporary custody of the child they want. You can download it and sign the form if you want to use it.

  1. Child parenting custody

This custody agreement printable is suitable to make an agreement for parents who are separate or get a divorce. By writing some clauses in this template, both parents can realize where the children will live and when they can see their children.

  1. Custody and visitation order

When you, as parents, have parted ways, you can make a visitation plan for your children using this kind of agreement.

  1. Legal child custody

The next kind of agreement you can find on this website is the legal child. This agreement is helpful when the parents do not want to live together any longer. They should make this agreement and enter it in court.

  1. Pet custody

This agreement can be used when a certain family pet has to be left with one of those parties. It happens usually when the couples separate.

  1. Temporary guardianship

The guardians should sign this sample custody agreement when they need to guard the child that is temporarily away from home.

  1. Escrow and custody

This agreement is suitable to deal with finance. It can help the users decide the party to hold custody funds, especially on-behalf funds from two parties. The appointed party can hold the funds until each party finishes the duty. After the duty is complete, then the funds can be paid to both parties.

Benefits of Using this Template

To use all kinds of this template here will give you significant benefits. Here they are.

  1. Get easy reference

With the sample, of course, you will get a reference to it when you want to make such an agreement. You can see some parts to fill in the details and you can just write the information needed in the available space.

  1. Editable

This sample agreement is editable. So, you can make a change in the agreement sample’s contents with the information you need to write.

Sample Custody Agreement Document Format

Sample Custody and Visitation Order Sample Legal Child Custody Agreement Sample Temporary Custody Agreement

That is all about the custody agreement sample to recognize. After you recognize it, then you can download some samples here that you like.

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