3+ Visitation Schedule Template – Free PDF, Word, and Doc

In school, parents will usually get a schedule to visit the school to check the students’ academics. Parents will get to know the achievement of the students in the school. To collect all of the information, the data is managed well through a proper visitation schedule template.

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Short Things to Know What Visitation Schedule About

This schedule is a regular schedule that most of the school will have.  As it is a part of academic regular activity, you will need a formal and proper schedule to manage the meeting between the school staff and the parents.

The various samples below can help you to create a good template. You can start a good schedule arrangement through these visitation schedule samples. You will receive a lot of sample files that help you to build a fit formal school schedule.

Types of Visitation Schedule Template

In arranging this kind of schedule, there are two types of templates that are usually applied for this. Those are the joint physical arrangement and the other one is the sole physical. The joint custody is known as shared custody where parents and the students share significant and frequent time.

Meanwhile, sole custody explains that the students or the kids are living primarily with one parent and have a schedule to visit the other parent. Both of the types are important when you are going to create a visitation schedule file.

Holiday Visitation

You can take a look at various samples to find the best schedule design that applies to the school condition. In some other time, you may need a different custody file like in a summer break time. The template for this season may be different from the regular template.

How to Create a Visitation Schedule Template

The visitation schedule sample idea must be arranged well. There are several things that you need to take note of when you want to create this kind of schedule. By knowing these, it will help you to decide what kind of things that you should prepare.

You need to first decide what type of schedule you are going to make. Most of the time, the schedule that people are usually looked for is the visiting schedule for children to visit one parent. If this is the type that you want to make then you may want to take a look at some of the samples.

You can create a good schedule where you can give fair time for children to meet the parent. Various versions of this type of templates are available here for free use. You can easily use this visitation schedule sample doc to build your document.

Times of Visitation Schedule Doc

This visitation may have various time routines. One of the most popular ones is the visiting time that explains the overnights happen every weekend. The children can have visitations with one parent and spend overnight every weekend.

The other various visiting time is the weeknight visit of the overnight that happens per week or happens another weekend. This type of visitation gives a chance for the children to visit both of the parents at a different time.  

Parenting Visitation

Then, there is this extended visit that happens during certain seasons such as summer. It happens for two-six weeks. Sometimes, on certain special occasions like a birthday or holiday, parents can arrange special visitations. Any of the schedules is possible by using this visitation schedule template.

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