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Best Customizable Workflow Checklist and Diagram Templates

Workflow is a method that people used to get their work done. It is a series of steps that illustrated sequentially in the form of a checklist or diagram. As the name suggested, it is a document that provides a figure of how the work process is flowing from one step to the next. By using a workflow, someone can get a depiction of the work steps to make them easier to understand. Take a look at several workflow checklist samples here to use it for templates or as an inspiration to create your workflow.

Sample Basic Workflow Checklist Template

Business Workflow Checklist

Even though the workflow is supposed to make the job easier, but the one used for business purposes is typically more complicated. It is because a business workflow checklist would involve multiple departments or various tasks, reports, and meetings. To create an efficient workflow as best as possible, you need to manage, monitor, and optimize it properly.

Sample Formal Workflow Checklist Template

Workflow Checklist Process

Follow a few tips below to create the most out of your workflow process:

  1. Determine the initial event

The workflow always starts with the initial step, which is the beginning of the process. It must be made clear to move properly to the next step.

  1. Determine the final event

Set an indication of the finished flow activity. The workflow must be designed so the character of the final event could be identified clearly.

  1. Set the responsibilities

The common mistake when making a process diagram or flowchart is that it is not decided explicitly on who’s responsible for each task or activity. One of the methods to create a responsibility matrix is by using BPMN diagrams or RACI matrix.

  1. Define the input

To make the whole workflow process runs smoothly, determine the entry for each process so it can be executed without any issue.

  1. Make the decision-making and deviations clear

Workflow is structured in such a way that each task followed in sequence by another. Make sure that gateways between those are well-defined and easy to understand so the decision-making process can go easier for you.

  1. Identify the possibility for improvement

This part is a major point of a workflow checklist. The flow process is designed so you can perform the job optimally, that’s why if you feel like there’s a room for improvement, you can always redesign the flow.

Workflow Checklist Elements

The inventor of workflow, which is Henry Gantt, created the method to present the more efficient way to organize the workforce in the industrial revolution era. The core elements of workflow are the answers and structure of the three questions below:

  • What jobs need to be done?
  • Who is being responsible for which?
  • What time would it take to complete?

Sample General Workflow Checklist

Doing measurements of the work is the best way to execute it optimally. Knowing what to do and how long you need to do it is the key part of managing a job properly.

Download Workflow Checklist

Explore various types of workflow checklist with different formats and designs here in this site. All of them are downloadable for free and anyone can edit them for personal or business uses.   Sample Home Workflow Checklist Sample Instagram Workflow Checklist Example Sample Printable Workflow Checklist Template Sample Professional Workflow Checklist Template Sample Standard Workflow Checklist Sample Web Designers Workflow Checklist Sample Workflow Checklist in PDF

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