5+ 4-Generation Family Tree Template Sample

4-Generation Family Tree Template and How to make the best design

A family tree is one of the interesting ideas because it will help you to understand the family generation easily. You can create the 4-generation family tree template that will help you to know your 4 family generation above. The family tree will display and show all the members of the family together.

generation family tree template 2

Besides, you can select the 4-generation family tree template printable that will help you to create the family tree well. This family tree template will be a competent tool for building a family tree by age group. Thus, you have to create this family carefully to include all of your family members for 4-generation properly.

How to create a 4-generation family tree template properly 

To make this family tree, you need to gather information from a family member. In other words, you need to write or create a family tree suitable for the information from the family members. In this part, you should make a list for all your family members like the parents, brothers, sisters, step or half-siblings, and so forth.

generation family tree template 4

Furthermore, you also not only write the name on your 4-generation family tree template design but you also must write the things about their medical history and health. It will help you to consult about gene-related issues of desire. You also can create the template with the symbols to distinguish relations.

How to make a 4-generation family tree template interesting

The template will be more interesting if you create with symbols to distinguish the family relations. This part will be an efficient way to draw your family tree because the symbol can distinguish between the relationships. The symbol like square for males, circle for females, and triangle for unknown gender will be helpful to know about your family.

generation family tree template 3

When you create this 4-generation family tree template idea, you only have a few shapes to help you the way to distinguish between the relationships. Therefore, you can use other shapes a well to make up your own well because of the information on the shapes.

Draw your 4-generation family tree template

If you have finished designing the family tree, it is time to draw the family tree chart. In this part, you have to start with yourself because this idea will be the best way for you. You can place yourself in this part for the middle or the bottom of the page. This part will be obvious that the older generation going above.

generation family tree template 5

Furthermore, you also can write to your parents to come above you when their sibling draws next to them. Your 4-generation family tree template PSD will be more interesting if the children of aunts and uncles to draw under their names. This drawing style will be easier to understand to read.

Make detail information on your 4-generation family tree template

Since you create a 4-generation family tree template, you have to create the detailed information on your family tree. As detail as possible, you create in this template. The family tree will be easier to read and understand for your family to get closer.

generation family tree template 1

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