5+ Generation Family Tree Template Sample

10 Generation Family Tree Template Excel and how to make it striking to see

The family is one of the important parts of our lives so that we need to keep them in our hearts well. one of the best ideas to keep them in our hearts is by creating a family tree. This idea is great because it will help us to remember our ancestries. Therefore, you can choose the best 10 generation family tree template to excel to create it.

generation family tree 2

With this 10 generation family, tree templates excel idea, you will know the 10 generations for your family well so that you will know how many your relatives around you. Besides, this family tree also will help you to trace the roots of your family so that you will get more advantages to this idea very well.

How to create a 10 generation family tree template excel with a simple way

The family tree is usually made for people to know their ancestry. This idea can span from two-generation or more with artistic hands. Although this design of the family tree looks simple and convenient, you need more concentration and research to do this family tree easy to read and striking.

generation family tree 3

Furthermore, if you have planned and designed the 10 generation family tree template excel printable, you can write down the name of the current generation.

In the current generation, you can write your name in the middle together with the names of your parents and siblings and also the relatives you know.

Remember to research to create the best 10 generation family tree template excel

The 10 generations will need a lot of research so that you need to ask your parents if you have some photos of your family, especially for a great-grandfather. Besides, you also can ask people around you or your other relatives about the past generation of the family and how it shapes into the current generation.

generation family tree 4

In other words, you also need to prepare for a trip to the library and unearthing old photos to give you a great context you need in the 10 generation family tree template excel printable idea. This section is important because you will find great information to find your families that you do not know.

Try to Start and going back into the past to find the relatives 

After that, you can go back on a trip down into memory lane. In this part, you can use your information to connect the people in your family and the generation before you. You also can arrange them and include the information like the birth dates and in what generation the below to connect the people.

generation family tree 5

To make it clearer, you can connect each people in the same generation with lines to understand who is of the same age. To make your 10 generation family tree template excel design stunning, you can use a different color of a line for each generation so that it will be easily understood for the readers.

Add some photos and decorate the diagram on your tree

Last, you can add some photos on your 10 generation family tree template excel to make the families easy to know. With this idea, your family tree will be impressive and easy to read even if you create it on 10 generations.  generation family tree 1

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