Sample Excel Budget Templates

Sample Excel Budget Templates for Different Purposes

Budgeting is very important and useful. One of the best tools to make a budget is Ms. Excel. With Excel, you can present the budget plan easily. Besides that, it will also be easier to read and understand. If you are searching for a sample Excel budget, you can see the collections in this article below.

Monthly Buget Template Excel Format

How to Write a Budget

When it comes to an Excel budget plan, you have to know that the main parts of this document include the income and expenses. Starts from the income, you should list down the sources of your income. It can be from net income and others.

One Year Excel Budget Template

For the expenses, you can directly list down where your money goes. Alternatively, you can break it down into some categories. It depends on your needs. Some of the examples of expenses are property taxes, improvements, supplies, insurance, furnishings, and many more.

After you include all the income and expenses, you have to sum up the total. Then, you should find the difference between the total income and expenses. The total expenses can be higher or lower than the total income. For good financial condition, your expenses should be no more than the income.

Tips in Making an Excel Budget

Creating an Excel budget cannot be done carelessly. There are some tips you need to consider. First, you have to decide the type of budget. It can be seen from the duration and the purpose. Relation to the duration, it can be weekly, monthly, or annual budget.

personal monthly budget template 3

Besides that, you have to make sure to include all the income and expenses completely. Your budget should be easy to read. That is why we recommend you to use Ms. Excel. Budgeting is better to be presented in the form of a table.

Excel Budget Samples

There are many Excel budget samples available in this article. A weekly budget, a monthly budget, and an annual budget belong to the samples, too. However, we can also look for the sample based on the purpose. For example, if you want to remodel your kitchen, you will need a kitchen to remodel budget.

Sample Excel Budget Template

If it is for your purpose, what you need is a personal monthly budget. You may also need to plan a budget for your kids. So, you must find the sample of a kid budget planner. Because there are many samples available, make sure that you only pick one that meets your needs.

How to Use Sample Excel Budget

Now, you can easily find a sample Excel budget template on the internet. This article provides what you need. If you are interested, just feel free to pick your preferred templates. All of the templates are not only free but also customizable and printable.    Weekly Budget Planner Example

Once you download the sample Excel budget, you can edit it to fit your needs. Using an editing tool like Photoshop, update the details of information in it. Before printing it, make sure that there is no mistake. So, you have to review it before.

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