Sample Weekly Budget Templates

Sample Weekly Budget Templates for Different Purposes

If you cannot plan your budget well, you can get some financial problems. That is why it is very important to make a budget. One of the most common cases is that a budget is made every week. If you have never made it before, you can see the following sample weekly budget.

Bi Weekly Personal Budget Template Excel File Download

 The Importance of a Weekly Budget

Having a weekly budget plan is very important. With this kind of budget, you will be able to control your expenses. Besides that, planning a budget also helps you focus on savings. It gives you an idea of whether your saving goals can be met or not.

Printable Weekly Budget Template PDF

Then, a weekly budget also controls your outgoings. It works by providing you the list of your income and expenses. Next, it also becomes an early indicator of your approaching financial crunch so that it helps you prevent overspending. One more, it is also very useful for savings for unnecessary expenses.

What to Include in a Weekly Budget

It is very important to know how to write a weekly budget template. Commonly, there are 3 sections you need to provide in this kind of budget. Usually, it starts with income. Here, you have to list down the sources of your income. Besides salary, you may earn money from your business or other sources.

Simple Weekly Budget Template worksheet Excel Format

After that, you can continue with your savings. Saving is very important especially if you have a plan to buy something important. However, if there is no important thing you want to but in the short future, you can save money for an emergency fund.

Another section is the expenses. In this section, different people may have different needs. Some of the examples of common expenses are mortgage, phone, utilities, internet, transportation, clothing, entertainment, groceries, and many more.

Why Do You Need a Weekly Budget?

Based on the duration, budgeting can be made on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The most common type is a monthly budget. Most people usually earn money from their monthly salaries. However, a weekly budget sheet can also be a good idea.

It makes it easier to monitor your expenses in more detail. Besides that, it also makes your budget plan easier to read. Then, you will also be easier to control your money. Managing your expenses in a short time is much easier than a longer time.

Simple Weekly Budget Templates

If you are confused about how to start, you can use the following simple weekly budget templates. Our templates are free to download. So, you can pick and download your preferred template available here. Besides that, they are also customizable.  Steps For a Weekly Budget PDF Download

If you want to edit it, just feel free to change the details to fit your needs using an editing tool like Photoshop or CorelDraw. When it is ready, you can print it out. However, make sure that there is no mistake in your sample weekly budget. So, you need to proofread it first.

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