Sample Film Movie Budget Templates

Professional and Creative Sample Film Movie Budget Templates

If you want to produce a film movie, you have to prepare many things properly. One of the most important things is the budget. It presents a record of the expenses required to produce a film movie. If you have never made it before, the following sample film movie budget may help you.

animation film budget template

Types of Film Movie Budget

Whether you want to make a short or longer film, you always need to plan the budget for it. With a film movie budget plan, you can keep the film organized & productive. Before you make a budget, you have to decide what type of film you are going to produce.

commercial film budget template

There are many types of film. Your budget plan can be made for the following types of film: short films, pre-production of the film, post-production of the film, low-budget films, independent films, feature film production, documentary films, commercial films, and animated films.

What to Include in a Film Movie Budget

A good film movie budget should contain some important details of the information. You can start with the name of the film. After that, you can continue by stating all the crew and cast involved in it. Then, it is also important to include the schedule of the film movie.

film budget template excel

Next, you cannot forget to include the detailed tasks involved during the film movie production. What you have to include next is the post-production activities & the expenses. One more, do not forget to list down the branding & marketing costs.

Parts of a Film Movie Budget

Writing a professional film budget is not as simple as you imagine. So, it is important to know the important parts to be written in the budget. The first part is the equipment. There are different types of equipment in producing a film such as high-quality cameras & microphones.

film production budget template

Besides that, locations also belong to the most important parts. Producing a film usually needs more than one location. So, you have to plan the costs needed. For example, it is to rent the location. Sometimes, you also need to decorate the place to make it meet your wish.

The next important part is the wages. Of course, you will need to pay wages to the crews, artists, and all people who are involved. There is one more important part. You cannot forget about post-production expenses. For example, it is for editing and releasing the film.

How to Create a Film Movie Budget

Creating a film movie budget template requires you to follow these steps & tips. Firstly, you must begin with your film budget account. Secondly, you should consider the “prep days” when planning it. Then, you need to consider fees for kits needed. Next, you must include overtime expenses if any.    independent film budget template low budget film budget template movie magic film budget template Sample Documentary Film Budget Template PDF short film budget template pdf

You also have to include “pick-up days”. It is also important to have a contingency plan. Production insurance must be considered, too. Then, you need to edit to avoid errors. Sometimes, you need certain software, too. One more, a sample film movie budget must be realistic.

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