Sample Construction Budget Templates

Sample Construction Budget Templates and How to Write It

When you have a construction project, you have to plan the budget properly. It contains the expenses incurred including the land, materials, machines, utilities, labor fees, etc. If you have never made this kind of budgeting, the following sample construction budget will help you.

commercial construction budget template

How to Create a Construction Budget

A construction budget plan can be made easily. The most important thing is that it contains the needed elements. When it comes to expenses, there are many types of expenses in a construction project. So, it will be better to divide it into some categories.

construction budget excel template

For example, you can divide it into soft costs and hard costs. Soft costs usually include surveys, management fees, engineering, insurance, etc. For hard costs, you can divide it again into some categories. For example is drywall that includes exterior siding, basement floor, insulation, etc.

Then, you also need to list the works that belong to completion. For examples are landscaping, driveways, painting, cabinets, carpentry finishing’s, interior doors, and many more. In the end, you have to include the total of the needed budget gotten by adding the subtotal of each category.

Construction Budget Samples

If you are searching for construction budget samples, this article is what you need. There are different templates available in this article. One of the examples is a home construction budget. Besides that, a residential construction budget also belongs to the samples you can find in this article.

construction budget spreadsheet

The next sample is a commercial construction budget. Other samples include a preliminary construction budget, a project construction budget for the agency, a construction budget summary, and many more. So, you have to choose the most appropriate template that needs your needs and purposes.

Why Should You Use Construction Budget Templates?

As it is stated before, a collection of construction budget templates are available in this article. You can write it manually using a computer tool like Ms. Word or Ms. Excel. However, it will consume too much time. Even more, it will also need a lot of effort. Not only that, but it also requires a lot of money.

construction budget worksheet

The templates available in this article can be the solution. Our templates are free to download so that you can pick your preferred template. Besides that, they are also easy to customize. You can edit the template to fit your needs. All of the templates are also ready to print.

Tips in Making a Construction Budget

There are some tips in creating a construction budget. We recommend you to use our editable construction budget templates. You can update the details based on the expenses required. However, you have to make a layout first so that your budget will be more structured.    Construction Procurement Reform Budget Development Construction project budget template Exhibit D Construction Budget Template home construction budget template residential construction budget template

You have to think about the title, list the expenses planned, and calculate all the required expenses. Make sure that the budget is accurate so that your construction project can run well. Hopefully, the following sample construction budget can help you effectively.

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