Sample Expenditure Budget Templates

Sample Expenditure Budget Templates for Individuals and Business

An expenditure budget is useful for an individual or a business. It does not only help you to keep a record of your expenses. However, it also reminds you of the areas to be prioritized. If you do not know how to make it, you can see the following sample expenditure budget.

Blank Expenditure Budget Form Template PDF Download

How to Write an Individual Expenditure Budget

If you want to make an individual expenditure budget, you have to start with the name. If it is for you, it means you should write your name. After that, it must be continued by your address. Then, you also need to state the number of persons in your household.

business income and expenditure budget template

The expenditure budget is best presented in the form of tables. You should divide it into 2. The first table is for your income. You can choose to make a weekly budget or monthly budget. For example, you earn money from salary, benefits, other people, or others.

The second is for your outgoings. These may include mortgage, insurance, taxes, gas, electricity, foods, clothing, etc. In the end, you must sum up and state the total income as well as the total outgoings. From this data, you can see the difference between your income and outgoings.

How to Write a Business Expenditure Budget

For a business expenditure budget, there are some differences. In the beginning, you should start with your project name, followed by a budget code and prepared date. You can also state who prepares the budget. Then, you can start describing the expenditure budget.

business income and expenditure budget template1

In presenting the expenditure items, it is better to break it down into some categories such as software, hardware maintenance, computer consumables, electrical work, computer equipment, etc. You have to state the total of each category before summing up to find the total.

Expenditure Budget Samples

This article contains a collection of expenditure budget samples. One of the most popular examples is the capital expenditure budget. Besides that, a business income & expenditure budget also belongs to the sample available. The next sample is a PMO budget & expenditure template.

capital expenditure budget template

An employee expense sheet is the next sample. There are still many other samples you can find here. They include a monthly expense budget, a personal expense sheet, an annual project expenditure budget, and many more. You have to choose the most appropriate template that meets your needs.

How to Use Sample Expenditure Budget Templates

Our sample expenditure budget templates are very useful. They will help you because they are free to download. Besides that, all of the templates are easy to customize, too. Also, all of these templates are ready to print.     Employee Expense Sheet Template expenditure budget format Monthly Expences Budget Template PDF Download Personal Expense Sheet Template PDF Format PMO Budget expenditure template

What you have to do is to pick your preferred template first. After that, you can edit it using an editing tool to fit your needs. Do not forget to review it before printing it out. When it is ready, you can directly print out the sample expenditure budget and use & follow it to reach your goals

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