5+ 3×5 Index Card Sample Template

3×5 Index Card Template and how to make it striking

The 3×5 index card template will be the best choice for you to create a proper index card. This car is ideal to organize and condense the information into its critical points but it can fill out each card by hand. To create this card, you can use Microsoft Word that will streamline the process and maximize the control over the appearance very well.

index card template 3

To make this card, you need to follow the sample 3×5 index card templates that will facilitate you to create the card. Besides, you also need to keep organized from the start of the process until the end of the process. Therefore, you need some tips to create this index card for your business without any difficulties.

How to create a 3×5 index card template properly 

Creating this card, you can research to make it well. In this part, you have to keep an eye for the facts out. In addition, you also need to focus on the information related to your topics. Whatever the useful information, you have to write them down on your note cards to make the best card on your home.

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Besides, you also need to paraphrase the sentence rather than copying them on the 3×5 index card template printable. However, you also need to note down where you find the information. Besides, you also need to organize the information because you can gather the data to organize the information on the card.

How to make a 3×5 index card template from the beginning 

If you want to make this card from the beginning, you can open a new Word document and click the page layout menu. After that, you can click the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Ribbon’s Page Setup section. Next, you can click the paper tab in the page setup window to set the proper size on your card template.

index card template 5

To help you create the proper size on your 3×5 index card template printable design, you can select Customize size from the paper size menu. Then, you can change the dimension to the size of your index card. If you have finished, you can set the margin on your card template to make the card impressive.

Set the best margin for your template 

To set the margin, you can click the margin tab when the page setup windows are still open and reduce the margins to at least a half-inch. In this part, you can use the default 1-inch margins that will not leave you much space on a 3 by 5-inch index card. Of course, it will look nice to read in this margin setting.

index card template 1

Furthermore, you also can change the orientation by specifying a width of 5 inches and a height of 3 inches. In this idea, you can put the cards in landscape mode. However, you also can click the portrait if you want to flip the dimension on your 3×5 index card template idea without any difficulties.

Type the content on your 3×5 index card template

The last step for your 3×5 index card template is typing the content that you want to appear in each index card. To change the style, you can click the Home tab. If you have finished designing, you can print the card out suitable for your need.

index card template 2

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