10+ Account Ledger Sample Template

Customizable Account Ledger Template Samples

An account ledger is a record or account used to store bookkeeping entries for income-statement and balance-sheet transactions. In this article, we will discuss it further. If you have never created this account before, you can use the following account ledger template to create your own account.

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How to Make an Account Ledger in Ms. Excel

Even though you can use our PSD account ledger template, you can actually create it yourself using Ms. Excel. First of all, you just need to run Ms. Excel. Second of all, you need to click the “File” tab. After that, you must select the “New” link. The Available Templates window will appear.

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Next, you must type “ledger” on the search box and click the arrow button. For your information, Excel has no button on the Available Templates window. However, it really offers them. Now, you can choose your desired ledger template seen there.

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How to Make an Account Ledger in Ms. Word

Besides Excel, you can also create an account ledger template PSD using Ms. Word. It is very easy and simple. What you just need to do first is to open Ms. Word program. After that, you need to click “Insert” and then “Chart” in the Word document.

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Then, what you have to do next is to choose the kind of chart you want. For example, you can choose a pie chart. After that, click OK. Now, you can enter your own data into the spreadsheet that opens automatically with the chart.

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How to Calculate a Ledger Account

After creating an account ledger PSD template, you will need to know how to calculate it. In this case, you should calculate the balance of each ledger account. You can start by calculating the balance of an asset/expense account. To do this, you must subtract the total credits from the total debits.

account ledger template 1

After that, you still need to calculate the balance of a liability/equity account. In this case, you should subtract the total debts from the total credits. Make sure that you calculate it carefully so that your account ledger will be accurate.

How to Use an Account Ledger Template

As it is mentioned above, an account ledger PSD template sample stores bookkeeping entries for income-statement and balance-sheet transactions. For your information, balance sheet ledgers include asset ledgers like accounts or cash receivable.

account ledger template 2

On the other side, income statement ledgers include ledgers like expenses and revenue. We all know that creating an account ledger is not easy. It will take a lot of time and effort. That is why it can be a little bit frustrating. So, we have a solution for an effortless way by providing you editable templates.

account ledger template 3

All of the templates are not only downloadable but also editable. So, just feel free to find and pick your preferred account ledger template. There are 10+ template samples you can find in this article. You can easily edit it to fit your needs using Adobe Photoshop or any other computer editing tool.

Account Ledger Sample Template

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