10+ ADP Check Stub Template Sample

Customizable ADP Check Stub Template Samples

A check stub can be defined as a document issued by an employer to his employee as a notification that the payment has been created for the services. It can also be called a pay advice, payslip, paycheck stub, or pay stub. If you want to be able to create it, you can use the following ADP check stub template here.

adp check stub template 7

Purposes of an ADP Check Stub

A PSD Adp check stub template is purposed to limit the number of persons who are able to have access to the money because only those persons who have the right PIN who are granted access to the check stub. Besides, an employee has the option to call & cancel a stolen debit card and will have a new one.

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It is more convenient than the lost paper check that have to bear the stop indication & a time period should pass before  a new paper check can be issued. However, you cannot effort to evade the paper check completely. Anyway, the following templates will help you a lot for creating your own check stub.

adp check stub template 9

How to Make an ADP Check Stub

There are a few ways to create an ADP check stub template PSD. One of the ways is by using Ms. Word. As we know, Ms. Word is compatible with all any word processing programs. It is also easy to operate. That is why everyone will be able to create a check stub using this computer program.

adp check stub template 10

Alternatively, you can use Ms. Excel. However, creating a check stub, using either Ms. Word or Ms. Excel, takes a lot of effort. Even more, you also need to dedicate a lot of time. If you want to create a check stub fast and effortlessly, just feel free to use our templates.

adp check stub template 1

Editable ADP Check Stub Template

All of the PSD Adp check stub sample templates available in this article are editable. Even more, they all are compatible with any version of Ms. Word. However, you will still need to customize the sample logo. Just replace it with your company’s logo. The text can also be edited easily to fit your needs.

adp check stub template 2

Now, you can pick and use your preferred template from our collections. To edit the template, you can use Adobe Photoshop or any other editing tool. Our templates come in different designs. They are very creative and attractive, too.

adp check stub template 3

What to Include in an ADP Check Stub Template

An ADP check stub template sample PSD contains some tables. The first table comes with a list of the descriptions, hours & rates, total & year to date totals of the different payment methods such as regular, holiday, and overtime payments.

adp check stub template 4

With these tables, you can perform some calculations. For example, you can multiple the earning columns with the rate by hours. The column at the end of the ADP check stub template contains a summary of the current period of payment and the year to date earnings. Make sure that you include these all.

ADP Check Stub Template Sample

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