10+ Earnings Statement Template Sample

ADP Earnings Statement Template with Customizable Samples

An earnings statement can also be called an income statement. It shows he company’s income & expenses in a specific time period. This document is used by managers and investors to determine the company’s profitability. Now, let’s see the following ADP earnings statement template.

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Types of Earnings Statements

An ADP earnings statement template PSD is divided into some types. The first is a consolidated income statement. Besides that, there is also a projected income statement. Then, a comparative income statement also belongs to one of the examples. The next sample is a segmented income statement.

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Other types of earnings statements include a CVP income statement, a partial income statement, a variable costing income statement, absorption costing income statement, contribution margin income statement, common size income statement, pro forma income statement, and a few others.

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What to Include in an ADP Earnings Statement

A PSD Adp earnings statement template should include the following details. First, make sure that you include revenue. It is the company’s income received during the stated period. All sources of income must be stated completely. A company may receive income from investors, profits, & any other source.

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Besides that, you also need to include expenses. For your information, expenses are costs the company incurs during the stated time period. Different companies may spend different expenses. For example, the expenses of the company may include cost of goods sold (COGS), operating expenses, & many more.

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One more, an income statement must include gains/loses, too. For your information, gains & loses from non-operating activities usually related to investment. However, other gains & loses have also to be included. If you want to make an ADP earnings statement PSD template, ensure that you include them.

How to Prepare an ADP Earnings Statement

There are 2 main ways to prepare an earnings statement. The first way is a single-step income statement. It has 3 sections. They include revenues, expenses, and net income. This type of statement is the most common option used by many companies. In fact, it is simple and easy to create & understand.

adp earnings statement template 1

Another way is a multi step income statement. In this way, operating revenue & expenses are separated from non-operating revenue & expenses. It has some sections including sales, operating expenses, operating income, non-operating/other, and net income. It is more complex compared to the first one.

adp earnings statement template 2

The Importance of an ADP Earnings Statement Template

A PSD Adp earnings statement sample template is very important to show the company’s overall financial performance in a period of time. It is usually used to analyze and plan all aspects of the business. So, whatever the kind of business you run, your company must have this document.

adp earnings statement template 3

We know that creating an income statement is very challenging and even frustrating because it takes a lot of time and effort. That is why we provide an ADP earnings statement template to ease your task. Since all of the templates are editable, just feel free to tailor it your needs.

Earnings Statement Template Sample

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