10+ Acrostic Poetry Sample Template

Acrostic Poetry Template for Effective Literature Introduction

The world of literature is quite wide and it is very interesting. Well, when you want to teach your child –it also can be applied by a teacher at the school, about the literature world, acrostic poetry can be a good idea. You may see the acrostic poetry template to know what it is.

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As we know, poetry is an old and important branch of literature. Of course, learning about poetry will be very useful to know some ideas of literature, especially the power of words.

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On this occasion, we will talk to you about an acrostic poem and its details to help you using it as a tool of learning. Well, for those who are curious about this concept of literature, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

What is Acrostic Poetry?

Acrostic poetry is kind of a very simple poem. It is the shape of a poem or phrase that describes a specific topic. The topic of the poem will be written vertically. The unique matter here is each line inside the poem will be started with the letter of the topic word

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This writing strategy will make this poem looks fun, unique, and interesting, especially for kids. Of course, through the unique description way, acrostic poetry also can be a good starting idea to teach and enlarge the imagination of a child.

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How to Make Good Acrostic Poetry?

As we have said before, acrostic poetry is a simple idea of the poem and it will be effective to teach the kids about the world of literature. However, to make this learning strategy effective, of course, you need to know how to make good acrostic poetry.

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The first matter to be done in making this poem is by thinking a topic of the word. Try to find a simple and interesting word for the kids. Write it vertically in a sheet of paper. Here, it will be better when you start with a word consist of 3 – 4 letters.

acrostic poetry template 9

After it, brainstorm the words or phrases for each letter. This matter is used to describe the chosen word. Of course, you need to think about kinds of words just to find the right description of the topic. You may use a dictionary when it is needed.

Ideas of Acrostic Poetry to Consider

Substantively, you are free to choose the ideas when you want to make a poem with this strategy. However, since it is applied to teach a kid, these are some ideas of the acrostic poem that can be your consideration, such as:

  • A favorite food
  • A sport
  • A place
  • A holiday
  • A name of a person
  • A season
  • An animal
  • Others interesting theme for kids

acrostic poetry template 1

Of course, many other ideas are available and you could choose it. However, you need to be wise in choosing it just to interest the kids who learn about it.

Acrostic Poetry Template PSD Files

When you want to make a good acrostic poem, we have several samples of the acrostic poetry template on this page. All templates are free and it can be a guide for you to create a unique poem.

acrostic poetry template 10

Acrostic Poetry Sample Template

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