10+ 5E Lesson Plan Sample Template

How You Make 5E Lesson Plan Template by Following the 5 Es

To teach children, it is necessary to go with particular method. Among the existing method of teaching, there is one 5e method. How do you make 5e lesson plan template? We need to learn each of the E then. Let’s see here.

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1st E of the Lesson Plan Method

The first E stands for Engage. The Engage here means that you are to draw children’s attention. By doing so, you will open their mind. With their mind on the learning process, it will make the teaching easier. They’ll understand faster.

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You don’t have to do much. Things, like videos, illustrations, charts, or games can do just fine. Children 5e lesson plan is not that complicated to make. Just make sure you have either of them when making the plan template.

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2nd E of the Lesson Plan Method

The second E means Explore. After the initiation with the Engage was made, it is the time to put the kids into practice. After all, it is faster for them to learn by experiencing things on their own. We’ve got to make them move, right?

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Of course, what you try to ‘Engage’ them for must be relevant with what you want them to ‘Explore’. 5e lesson plan action helps kids go through various trials and errors. In fact, it is the most effective way to do so. So, give this a try.

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3rd E of the Lesson Plan Method

The third E is Explain. That being said, it does not mean that you will do much lecturing here. The explanation is done by posing questions. Let the kids ask then answer them properly. You may also do the same to do a check here.

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That way, you know what the kids have learnt from exploring. 5e lesson plan method won’t bore the children for sure. It will be easier for them to understand the lesson even. Theory alone won’t be effective as the teaching method.

4th E of the Lesson Plan Method

The fourth E stands for Elaborate. Elaboration is necessary in teaching to enrich the lesson. The kids have to pass the previous level. If not, instead of elaboration, they have to repeat the exploration. Make sure kids pass each level.

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5e lesson plan elaboration can proceed then. You can do so by discussing things related to the lesson. Have the kids looked at the chart of game result and they will know what was misunderstood. That’ll do then.

5th E of the Lesson Plan Method

The last E means Evaluate here. We are doing assessment here, yes. However, you don’t have to stick to traditional means, such as quiz. Today, the means vary, such as project, book report, etc. You can have the kids illustrate things.

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Each must have done so in their own way. So, see if the lesson is properly applied there. 5e lesson plan template is simply that effective to help students learn. It will make your job easier too as teacher. It is worth using, indeed.

5E Lesson Plan Sample Template

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