10+ 3-Day Eviction Notice Template Sample

3-Day Eviction Notice Template for Handling Rent Problem

Every landlord will seeks tenants that pay the whole rent on time. It is very common since renting is a kind of business and the landlord needs to get more profit. That is why sometimes the 3-day eviction notice template is needed, especially to handle the rent problem.

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Of course, an eviction notice is a last action by the landlord when the rent problems with the tenants cannot be handled maximally. However, it can be underlined that this notice exists and it should be a reminder, especially for the tenants.

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On this occasion, we will talk to you about the eviction notice and some of its detailed matters. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

What is 3-Day Eviction Notice?

In simpler, an eviction notice is an advance notice or document that tells someone must leave the property. This letter is written by the landlord and it includes in a legal document. It means those two parts could discuss the problem on the court.

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Of course, the landlord cannot be rash to make this eviction notice. There should be a legal and rational reason why they need to make it. When there is no legal reason and the landlord makes some eviction notices, of course, it could be said as a crime.

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Legal Reasons to Make 3-Day Eviction Notice

As we have said before, these should be some legal reasons to make the eviction notice. The problem of the rent payment becomes the most common reason why a landlord makes this notice. There is a simple word to understand that when the tenant won’t pay, they cannot stay.

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On another hand, the lease violation also becomes the legal reason for making the eviction notice. Some problems and violations, such as unauthorized pets, extended guests, improper uses, and others become the matters why the landlord makes the notice.

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Property damage also becomes another reason for the printed eviction notice. Of course, when in rent business, the tenant should keep the condition of properties. When the properties are damaged and it causes some disadvantages for the landlord, the eviction notice can be made.

Formal Process of 3-Day Eviction Notice

Besides the formal reasons to make the eviction notice, these are also some formal processes to be known by the landlord before they run this business. The formal process of the eviction are:

  • Terminate the lease with the detailed, legal and proper notice depend on the rules of the state
  • When the tenant doesn’t leave after getting the eviction notice, file the action by calling the local eviction court
  • Attend the hearing process inside the court
  • Win the judgment and other processes of the court
  • Make a detailed appointment with the sheriff
  • Show up the detailed eviction notice and its day with the sheriff to reclaim the possession of the rental unit
  • Change the locks of the property

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3-Day Eviction Notice Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 3-day eviction notice template on this page. All samples are free to get. Just click the download button to get it in your drive and then edit it with the proper software.

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3-Day Eviction Notice Template Sample

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