10+ Binder Spine PSD Design Templates

1.5-Inch Binder Spine Template for a Maximizing Document Management

For the office, it can be said that a binder is an important thing. A binder can be a tool to keep kinds of documents, so the document can be handled and arranged maximally. Well, when we are talking about a binder, knowing about the 1.5-inch binder spine template is also needed.

binder spine Free Templates in PSD file

Do you ever hear about the binder spine?

Well, a binder spine is an accessory of a binder that will be very useful to help you manage the document. Through the binder spine, you could name the binder based on the detailed document you save there. Of course, finding a specific document will be easier.

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Benefits of 1.5-Inch Binder Spine

As we have said before, a binder spine is an important accessory of a binder. These are some benefits that you will get when you use and insert them.

The binder spine can be a label for a binder. Through the label, of course, the binder organization will be neat and well-structured. It also will help you and others to find the right binder quickly.

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On another hand, a binder spine also can be a way to beautify the look of the binder. Many binder spines are available with different designs and colors. Its appearance can be useful to make your binder becomes more stunning, especially when you only use a usual binder.

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How to Make a Good 1.5-Inch Binder Spine?

The 1.5-inch binder spine is chosen because of its compact size. The size of the binder spine will ease you to write the name of the label and other information of the binder. However, to have a good result in making it, these are some steps that you need to follow.

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Finding the right template is key when you want to make a good binder spine easily. Many templates are available with different details. Make some considerations, especially by comparing its design elements before choosing it.

binder spine Templates for Photoshop

Then, edit the design of the binder spine. As we have said before, a binder spine can be a place to write the information on the binder. That is why you need to write some information there and make it clear.

When the designed binder spine has been made, print it. Then, insert it to your binder.

Tips to Create 1.5-Inch Binder Spine

These are also some tips to make a good binder spine that you need to know. Since it delivers some information about the binder, the text and other elements should be written clearly. Use a readable font and apply an appropriate color.

On another hand, print a binder spine in a good material paper. The thick paper is better to be applied since it will increase the durability of the binder spine.

binder spine Templates PSD Free file

1.5-Inch Binder Spine Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 1.5-inch binder spine template on this page. All templates are free to download and it is available on the PSD file extension, so editing it is also easier. You can click the download button to get it on your drive.

binder spine Customizable FIle PSD Templates

Binder Spine Template Sample

binder spine Free PSD file photoshop binder spine Free PSD Templates Ideas

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