5+ Binder Spine Free Templates in PSD

2-inch Binder Spine Template and how to make it awesome

Creating a beautiful binder is the best idea for you to show your thought on the binder. In this idea, you can choose a 2-inch binder spine template that will satisfy you to make the readers understanding your thought when you are presenting your material on PowerPoint. The template will be helpful that will facilitate you in creating a good binder.

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If you do not understand creating this template, you also can choose and select the best 2-inch binder spine template design that will help you to create the template. The template is easily edited and customized so that you will get the satisfaction file without any difficulties with this idea.

How to make a 2-inch binder spine template properly from the beginning

To make this a beautiful binder spine, you can add a new blank slide on your computer. After that, you can go to the insert tab and draw a rectangle shape to make a good design. In this section, you can click the shape format tab and make sure the dimensions are 11” high and 0.9” wide to make it look better.

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Next, your 2-inch binder spine template idea will be impressive if you select Align and Align Middle. In this format, you can click Shape Fill and select a picture. You can choose to keep the same images as your binder cover for the fill. After that, you can select the solid color and add an outline to make the binder spine striking.

Tips to make a good 2-inch binder spine template simply 

Moreover, you also can make this idea with an easy step. In this idea, you can begin by choosing sample 2-inch binder spine templates. A sample template will help you to create a stunning design. Although it is only a sample, you can customize and edit to create a binder spine suitable to your organization’s needs.

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Besides, in this part, you must select a certain product to design the template. Under this binder sample, you can continue to click on Binder Spine and Insert to narrow your search. Next, on your sample template types, you can select on Browse Avery Designs. With this idea, your binder will look different from others.

Do not forget for choosing a great 2-inch binder spine template

Furthermore, you should not forget to choose the best template. You can select a free 2-inch binder spine template for helping you create a binder spine. The proper design should be suitable for your business. Do not forget, you have to click on the Binder Spine Insert link for the template you want to use.

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Next, you can download the template by clicking the download template button on the site. In this part, you can click open or save for the template on your computer. After that, you can edit or customize the template suitable for your desire.

Pay attention to the detail your 2-inch binder spine template

You have to pay attention to the detail for your 2-inch binder spine template. In this part, you need to focus on the name of your company, the name of the event, and the title of the presentation. If you are bored in the font style, you can change it with the color and size to make it look great.   binder spine Free PSD file photoshop 1

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