10+ 3×5 Card Template in Photoshop PSD

3×5 Card Template and how to make it awesome for any purposes

The 3×5 card template has an important function for your business because this template will lead you to create the proper card. To create this template, you can use Microsoft Word without any difficulties. Microsoft word has some features that will facilitate you to make the impressive card for any purpose well.

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You should not worry if you want to make a proper template because you can select the 3×5 card template printable suitable with your needs. The printable will help you very much because it can be edited and customized easily. In other words, you can add any information on the template very well.

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How to create a 3×5 card template stunning 

If you want to create this card in Word, you can open a new Microsoft Word document. After that, you can set the right size for the index card. Next, you can head to the layout tab on Ribbon. Do not forget to click the little arrow at the edge of the page setup the group to open the option so that you will get the satisfaction card.

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Furthermore, on the page setup panel, you can click on the tab for the paper to make your 3×5 card template idea easy to design. Remember to scroll down the paper size on the design to make a proper measure for the card. To make it simple, you can select the custom size that will lead you to measure the size.

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How to make a 3×5 card template easy to design

You can design this card easily if you set the margin and other margin tweaks. This part is important because it will help you to keep them organized in a binder file. In this part, you probably want to set the margin that leaves the space for a punch hole. In this part, your card template will be impressive.

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Besides, you can set the print margin on the card from the default to 1” to the narrow 5”. Next, you can go to the first button on the layout tab that says the margins. You can choose normal or narrow from the drop-down. With this part, your 3×5 card template format will be easy to customize for any purpose.

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Design your 3×5 card template suitable with the purpose

Your card design will be great if you arrange it suitable for the purpose. In this part, you can fill it with any information you desire on the card. After that, the clipart for illustrated information can be charted or normal text. If you want to be different, you can design it in a unique design.

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Next, you can press enter or page break to open the second page for your 3×5 card template idea design. In this idea, you need to design as many cards as you wish. With this idea, the design of this card will be nice although it has a simple arrangement to set.

Print it out 

If you have finished designing and editing the 3×5 card template you can print the card out. This idea is easy and simple for you to create a great card suitable for your need.

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Sample 3×5 Card Template

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