5+ Text Effect Customizable PSD Templates

Text Effect Template and how to make it striking 

Do you love to create a great text effect? If you do, you can choose the best text effect template. In this part, you will have many types of effects for the text so that you can design the stunning text. Since you have a great text effect, your design will not be boring. With this idea, you will have more advantages for your business.

text effect template Free Templates in PSD file

To help you create the best text effect, you can use Photoshop to beautify the effect. The text effect template PSD will have many various types that will help you to beautify the text effect. Because of that, you can choose the best template suitable for your need to make your business look great with the text effect.

How to make a great text effect template animation 

You can create the best great effect on your text by choosing an animation text. In this idea, you can start by adding the text to the essential graphic. After that, you can choose the text tool and choose the next layer in the panel under the edit tab. In this part, you can select the text layer to make a good text.

text effect template PSD idea Design Sample

Furthermore, you can center the text by using Align and transform section on your template. After that, you can adjust the color, add a responsive background, and drop the shadow. Next, you should not forget to set the multiple strokes on your text effect template PSD idea to make it look great to read.

How to make a text effect template impressive with background 

After you beautify the text, you need to make your background stunning. In this part, you can start by creating new rectangle layers and add a mask to crop everything. Next, you can change the color for each shape via the fill in the Appearance section to make a great white and one red to make it stunning.

text effect template Templates PSD Free file

Besides, your text effect template idea also will look nice if you mask the graphic. To add the mask, you only need to add a new rectangle shape layer and adjust the size and position. Next, you can select the mask with shape option appearance section so that you will get the satisfaction by adding animation text and background.

Set the best animate text and background on your text effect template

In this part, you can bring the title to life. You can see in the animation on the template both the text and the background animate via a simple Y position shift. You can set the white background appearing first then finally the text element. You can move the play head to the two-second mark by selecting the text layer.

text effect template Free PSD file photoshop

Furthermore, you can drag the play head to the one-second mark and adjust the Y attribute to place the text in its start position. The keyframe also will add automatically to the location. After that, your text effect template will play with both background rectangles using the same steps on your template.

Play your text effect template

Finally, you only need to play your text effect template with fine-tuning in the text effect. In this part, you can use an effective control panel that will help you to view the keyframe of animation well.

text effect template Free PSD Templates Ideas

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