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Choosing the Right Blank Bill of Lading Templates for Shipping Transportation

As a crucial document to support shipping transportation, a bill of lading contains details about the quantity, type, and destination of the carried goods. It is a legal document issued by the carrier to the shipper and also serves as the evidence for the shipment receipt. Blank bill of lading templates will provide you the standard format to issue a legal receipt of good.

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Main Functions of Blank Bill of Lading Templates

A bill of lading has several important roles in shipping goods. Besides serves as the receipt for the goods that were shipped, it also connects between the carrier and the shipper through a contract. The authorities from each party involved in the shipping process sign the document to make it legal so it can also be used to prevent any asset theft.

The Purpose of Blank Bill of Lading Templates

Besides serving as a cargo receipt, bill of lading also acts as the evidence of a contract carriage. Blank bill of lading templates will help you to issue the right format of bill of lading that you need. Since it contains the document name, it is also functioned as the document title.

Types of Blank Bill of Lading Templates

Blank bill of lading templates is available in various types to depend on the use. Understanding each of the types carefully is urgent to avoid mistakes in making the bill. To be concise, here are the types of BOL (Bill of Lading):

  1. Shipped bill of lading

This document states releases a statement about the goods’ shipment status. This one is the most used receipt used by the shipper among the others because the security of the goods being on board is guaranteed.


  1. Through bill of lading

It gives permission to the carrier to carry the cargo with different transportation methods and distribution centers, also control the type and quantity of the goods being shipped.


  1. Ocean bill of lading

It is required for cargo transportation through the sea as it is functioned to be the carrier receipt and collection document.


  1. Inland bill of lading

In opposite with the ocean bill of lading, this type is required when over-land transportation is needed to move the cargo.  It serves as the carrier’s receipt and also a carriage contract.


  1. Received bill of lading

The receiver will sign this bill once the goods arrive safely. After that, banks will make a financial settlement.


  1. Clause bill of lading

This type of document will decide the status of the shipped goods whether if there is any damage or shortfall.


  1. Uniform bill of lading

It provides the basic information related to the delivered goods also about the shipper and recipient’s name.


  1. Clean bill of lading

The carrier issues this type when the exporter receives the good in a good condition without defects.

Important Parts to Include in Blank Bill of Lading Templates

A bill of lading should present all the parties involved in the shipping process including the shipper, carrier, freight payer and forwarder, and arrival agent.

Details of the cargo should be mentioned clearly. The cargo details should be presented covers the destination, the place where it will be delivered, the delivery route, shipment date, and mention the kind of vehicle used to transport the cargo.

If you already decide what kind of blank bill of lading templates you choose, make sure that it contains the essential aspects that decide the accuracy and legality of the document.

Bill of Lading Sample

DD1149C Goods Transport P2393 std254 Straight Bill of Lading Short Form from Drake Transportation Transport Delivery UC Davis Bill of Lading

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