Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale

Free Templates and Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale


A sample watercraft bill of sale is going to be needed by anyone planning to buy a boat. The term watercraft here means boat and vessels. Sometimes, it can have the meaning of other types of vehicles you can operate on open water. These are several samples and templates of the bill that you can freely download and freely use, too.

Kansas Watercraft Bill of Sale

Type of Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale


There are two types of watercraft bill of sale. It will go down on the condition of the boat and vessel, essentially. The full explanation about the types of the watercraft receipt or bill of sales will be shown down below. Read them so that you won’t have to get confused anymore when it comes to getting a sample watercraft bill of sale.

  1. New Boat or Watercraft Sale

The first type of bill of sale is the one for a new boat. Buying a brand new boat is something grand as there is much money that you have to prepare for buying expensive stuff like that. Also, you need numerous permits. This is why the bill of sale for a new boat is more elaborated and legally binding, too.


  1. Trade-In Sale

As for trade-in sale, the old boat is going to be traded with a new one. In this case, the bill of sale will also contain information about the old boat, including its condition and its value (price). Then, it will be clear at the end how much money the buyer needs to prepare for the new boat.


Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale for Personal Use


The boat is something uncommon for people to personally own unless this person is using the boat for business. However, for leisure purposes, many people do not think that owning a boat is necessary. That is why a personal boat is not commonly found. The sample watercraft bill of sale for this purpose can be seen down below anyway.


Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale Form


The simplest form of the bill of sale is formed. By making the document looks like a form, it can be used easily over and over again. All you need to do is just downloading the sample and template over here and just leave it be. When you need the bill, just print the template and fill the form.


Sample Watercraft Bill of Sale for Boat


The most common type of watercraft is a boat. This is the template and sample for the boat bill of sales. You can also use it for other types of watercraft but considering boat is the most frequent one to be sold, you may need this one for boat sale.


When you think that buying a boat is going to happen at some point, make sure that you do know how to write the bill of sale. Even though it won’t be you who eventually write the bill, getting the full information about the bill will make it easier for you to understand its function and stuff. This is why all those templates and sample watercraft bill of sale should be owned.

New Watercraft Bill of Sale Template

Personal Watercraft Bill of Sale watercraft bill of sale form Watercraft Bill of Sale Printable Watercraft Bill of Sale Tennessee


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