Sample General Bill of Sale

Sample General Bill of Sale for Many Purposes

Bill of sale is a common thing in business. It acts as a legal document that solidifies and verifies the transaction. This bill will be legal documentation for the company. With many activities, the company must have a proper sample and template for this bill. This is where a sample general bill of sale must be put into utmost consideration.

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Sample General Bill Of Sale Main Design

The design may come from many styles. The simple bill is for a daily transaction. If the product is unique and rare, the bill will be more complicated. Seller will put more information that makes the bill longer and extensive.

Sample General Bill of Sale Content

You can learn more sample general bill of sale from its contents and outline.  Check the next list to understand what this bill looks like and can do.

  1. Bill number or ID

Bill has identification such as a number or code. It is part of database management. Many bills must be completed in one day. This is why ID becomes helpful and useful. A company can check easily and effectively.


  1. Customer and seller information

Seller or company creates a bill for customers or clients. In that case, both parties put their information. Usually, the bill has a header at the top to indicate where this bill comes from. This is information from the seller. On the other hand, after that, the company just fulfills form to obtain information about the customer.


  1. Date and location

Bill is valid for certain transactions at a specific time and location. This part provides extra information about when the transaction is done and where you make that one.


  1. Product detail, price, and payment method

The core contents for this bill re product and price. This part can have some variations with extra detail such as the total amount and payment method.

Sample General Bill Of Sale And More Examples

  1. Service bill of sale

Service bill of sale is note or receipt after service has been delivered. Service businesses must provide a bill of sale as part of legal proof and documentation. An example of this one is a hotel or vacation resort.


  1. Car bill of sale

The car bill of sale is prepared before a deal is done. After negotiation, the seller and buyer are in the same term. They sign this bill to further process related to changing ownership. Bill is signed after payment is done and inspection is accomplished.


  1. Product bill of sale

The sample general bill of sale is mostly for a product. You buy something such as food, computer, smartphone, clothes, and anything tangible. The seller gives receipt after the transaction is valid. This is a common example of a bill of sale.

Sample General Bill Of Sale Free Download

You should know why this bill becomes important and mandatory. Since the old days, every transaction in business utilizes formal paper as proof. This bill legalized ownership when you bought a certain thing. This situation is similar in modern days. Some companies change the method for delivering sample general bill of sale, such as digital form or via email. However, the purpose is still similar to what has been accomplished since the old era.

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