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Dog Bill of Sale Template for Pet Shop Owners and Others


A dog bill of sale is used to make a transaction between buyers and seller when it comes to dog purchasing. A lot of people agree that the best way to get a dog is to adopt them. However, sometimes the adoption is not free and they have to pay for the dog after all. Before the payment, they should receive some bills to understand how much money they have to pay. Learn more about the bill down below.

dog bill of sale free printable

What to Write on Dog Bill of Sale?


When you are looking at the dog bill of sale or you are trying to make one, you should understand that there are a lot of mandatory parts of the bill. They will have to be clearly written on the document. What are they? The further explanations about them are shown down below. Here they are for you to find out.

  1. Dog’s Information

The most important part of the bill is the information of the dog. The customer will always check the bill before paying and surely they would like to know the information about the dog they are about to bring home. This is why the information about the breed of the dog as well as the DOB, current weight, allergies and many more have to be written.


  1. Seller and Buyer’s Information

The bill is most likely used in the future as the document for the buyer to look for the information about the dog and the seller. This is why the information about the seller and the buyer must be both displayed. It will ease any of them to contact each other and to ask questions whenever needed.


Pet Shop Dog Bill of Sale Template


Most people go to a pet shop to buy or adopt a dog. For those who own a pet shop or work there, understanding how to make a good dog bill of sale is a must. This is the template that can be used to make the bill. Use this one and you do not have to waste your time making the bill right from the start and can use the time to take care of the dogs instead.


Puppy Dog Bill of Sale Template


When the dog is still very young, or in other words a puppy, the bill of sales should include a lot of other things, including the information about the birth of the puppy and the information about the mother, too. That way, just in case there is something wrong with the puppy, the needed information is already written on the bill.


PDF Dog Bill of Sale Template


This is the modern world where some people like to be paperless. If your customer declines to receive the printed bill, your option is to send an email containing the PDF file of the bill. In this case, the template should be found over here.

 Dog Bill of Sale Template Free Download

dog bill of sale template free Free Dog Bill of Sale Template pet bill of sale template Printable Dog Bill of Sale Template puppy bill of sale template Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template

Considering that the bill is always needed in every transaction, make sure that the template for the bill is always saved on your computer. So, whenever a customer walks in and asks for a dog, you can have the bill template ready. Those dog bill of sale templates up there are great to use and most importantly they are free. That is why they have to be selected.

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