Payment Receipt Samples

Payment Receipt Samples for Any Type of Business

When you are purchasing service or goods, you would expect to get a receipt as proof that you have made the payment. Without this piece of paper (or file, if in a paperless form), you might not feel secure when making a payment. You will get to know some nice payment receipt samples that might give you ideas about designing one for your use.

Advance Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt Samples Purposes

What is the purpose of releasing receipt after someone has made a payment? There are plenty of reasons to do this, but it mainly aims to record that a transaction had occurred in that certain time for a certain purpose. In the future, in case of the customer will need to exchange their goods or filing complaints, there will be proof that payment for certain items or services had been made previously.

This receipt also serves as an organizational tool. If you do shopping regularly, it is important to keep track of your expenses. One way to do that is by compiling your receipts in a certain period. You need to calculate the total to inform you about how you can save up for more.

Payment Receipt Samples Details

  1. People involved in the transaction

It is important to write down the names of people involved in the transaction: payer and recipient. This will make the receipt binding for people whose names are written there. Sometimes, the document will also have empty spots for both parties to put on their signatures.

  1. Nominal of payment made

Among all payment receipt samples, you will always find a blank space to write down the nominal payment made. The nominal must be written down accurately in numeric format and translate it to alphabet format.

  1. Payment purpose

Another crucial thing that your receipt should have is the purpose of payment being made. Without this, there will be a misunderstanding about what is the purpose of that particular payment. It would be easy to debate the payment too.

  1. Mode of payment

Sometimes, in the receipt, the issuer will state which model is used to conduct the payment. There are many modes to use out there. You may use cash, cheque, or even wire transfer for this. It is important to write down the transaction number if you are using wire or bank transfer.

Payment Receipt Samples Printed or Paperless?

Another question that people would often ask after choosing among various payment receipt samples would be: printed or paperless? If your business is an online business, you do not need to provide a printed receipt. Instead of that, you can actually send your receipt to the customer’s email so they can keep track of it and print the receipt if they want to.

Nonetheless, in some situations, business is still expected to provide a printed version of their receipt. It is usually required in offline stores. A printed version is not reliable, though, because it is prone to missing. Some stores start to use both approaches altogether in providing a receipt for their customers.

Payment Receipt Samples Templates

You will see various forms of payment receipt samples on this page. They are used for many specific objectives. You can see the receipt that is used to pay for deposit and rental. This page also contains a template for receipt in the car buying process.

Electronic Payment Acknowledgement Receipt

Mortgage Payment Receipt Payment Confirmation Receipt Template Payment Receipt for Funds Template Rent Payment Receipt

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