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Free Cash Receipt Templates Sets for Any Business Company

The receipt is a piece of document that used as a transaction proof. It is especially important to use for people who wish to record their financial spending by keeping them documented. By using a receipt, someone can track their transaction and keep their financial life organized. It is also useful for businesses that provide goods or services as a tool for transactional management dealings. These free cash receipt templates make the work of creating this financial method simplified and much easier.

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Professional Free Cash Receipt Templates

The receipt is a slip of paper which provides information related to the transaction made by the buyer from the seller, provider, or distributor of products or services. It contains details about what the buyer has purchased, including the item types, a quantity of them, tax, amount and method of payment.

Find free cash receipt templates to help you create a professional-looking receipt in no time. These templates are designed to be simple, neat, and easy to understand for your clients or your business purposes.

Free Cash Receipt Templates Contents

The design of free cash receipt templates might differ between one another. However, the majority of them contain similar basic information needed, which are explained in the list below:

  1. Information about the vendor

Details about your business company have to be included inside such as its name, address, phone number, website page, or email address.


  1. Date and time of the transaction

To make the organizing work easier for both parties, do include the day, date, and specific time where the transaction is being made.


  1. Description of the sold products or services

This is the essential and main part of the receipt. List down the items purchased by the buyer, with their quantities, each of their prices, and discount cut if there’s any.


  1. Total and method of payment

After the sold products are listed down, their prices must be summed up. Then with the calculated tax, they both make the total amount that has to be paid. How’s the buyer makes the payment must be detailed too.

Free Cash Receipt Templates Format

These templates of receipt are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format. Both are downloadable and printable for free. They all created with the standard of receipt, which meant to use to record the transaction between the buyer and the vendor. They also made to be legible, with the well-crafted layout to make the information easily readable for the customers.

Explore various templates with different layouts and designs to help you deliver the best and proper receipt to your clients. You may choose one with the design that matches with your business’ brand the most.

Get Free Cash Receipt Templates

Download the free cash receipt templates and customize it as much as you want, by inputting your business’ information, details, or logo. Even though most templates use a similar layout format, you’d be able to personalize the receipt form to match your company and make it unique. The editable file format makes it easy to use and modify according to your needs and likings.

Cash or Checks Receipt Form

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