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The fundraiser receipt template is a pre-made form that can be used for the charity or fundraising organizer as a donation proof to give to the donors, especially for a monetary donation. It is possible to give the receipt via letters or send it through email to the donors after they’ve donated. It is common for the non-profit organizations to send the receipts by the end of the year or the early month of the following year, however, it may be more proper and beneficial for the donors and the organizer to send the receipt as soon as possible.

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Free Fundraiser Receipt Template

The receipt is a document handed out to the donors in exchange for their funding support. It also serves as proof of the received money by the organization. There are some circumstances that make receipt is considered as necessary to be given during the fundraising event, which you can read about here:

  1. If the donor gave a great amount in a single donation.
  2. If the donor received goods or services in exchange for their donation.
  3. If the donor requested a receipt for their donation.

Fundraiser Receipt Template Benefits for The Organizations

The fundraiser receipt template is beneficial to use for both the fundraiser organization and the donors. Here are the advantages the fundraiser will get by incorporating it as part of the event:

  1. As legal requirements

Some states, regions, or local areas would require the organization to provide receipt under certain circumstances. There might even be a penalty or fine they have to face in case they are failing to provide a receipt for their campaign.


  1. To track the history of donations

The organization can keep track of the fundraising history by documenting the receipt sent out to the donors or supporters.


  1. For accounting purpose

The organization is able to create proper financial management by recording accurate and clear receipts during the fundraising event.

Fundraiser Receipt Template Benefits for The Donors

Not only keeping and giving receipts have many advantages for the organization who holds the fundraising event, but the donors would also get several advantages too. Read about the benefit of using fundraiser receipt template for the donors below:

  1. To get a deduction on tax

Donors would need the receipt for documentation in order to get tax deductions regarding their charitable supports or donations.


  1. As confirmation of donation

Providing the fundraising receipt for the donors allows them to know that the contributions have been made and received by the organizer.


  1. To use as a financial record tool

Some people keep track of their financial spending, thus the provided receipt can help them to record and track it.

Customizable Fundraiser Receipt Template

Besides serving as a charity or donation proof, the fundraiser receipt template can also be used as a marketing tool to make your fundraising campaign spread. These templates on this page are customizable so you may input your organization or your charity’s name and logo. They can make subtle advertising tools as your branding is included in the receipt and can be seen by anyone who reads it.

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