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Getting the donation receipt template is quite important if you work in a place or organization to receive a lot of donations every day. Even though the donation is something you do not count as something to pay for, you still get the receipt to make one. These are the downloadable templates to make the receipt. If you ever need one, they can be obtained down below.

Church Donation Receipt Word

Donation Receipt Template Types


There are quite a lot of types of donations. However, it can be narrowed down into two types. Here is information about the most common types of donation. You can read them before selecting the templates, which are available right after that. For now, read the information about the donation type before getting the donation receipt template.

  1. Cash Donation Template

Money is the most common thing to be given as a donation. Money or cash is easy to process by the recipients, too. This is why when money is the form of donation, the receipt is easier to make, too. Even though people would love to donate other things, to this day money is still the most acceptable form of donation.


  1. Non-Cash Donation Template

This is the template for those who probably tried to donate something else, such as goods, foods, or other stuff. Even though it is quite uncommon, they can always give those things and no one should reject them. Most of the time, this non-cash donation is given straight to the need.


Church Donation Receipt Template


People make donations to the church. That is not a secret anymore. In fact, they are expected to make one every week. For those who need the receipt, they can use these templates over here. This is the donation receipt template for church business. The paper can be used as documentation to prove that you have made a donation to the church.


School Donation Receipt Template


A lot of schools have donation projects where the kids or students should spare their pocket money to make the donation. Or, they can have one too with the parents as they have to make the donations. The donations can go to the school, for its improvement for example. Also, they can be used to help the needed students there.


Non Profit Donation Receipt Template


This is the template for you to use when you make a donation to a non-profit organization. Usually, it is just like a declaration for making the donation as the organization does not use the money for them. They are acting for like a third-party and then send the money for those who are in need. This is the most commonplace for people to donate.


Even though donations should not be monetized just like other transactions, still, it is a transaction and there will be a receipt for that. Use those templates there to make sure that you will be able to make the receipt with no difficulties. When you use the right donation receipt template, you can make the document with ease all day long.

Donation Tax Receipt Doc Free Download

Non Profit Donation Receipt Word Tax Deductible Donation Receipt MS Word Free Download Vehicle Donation Receipt PDF Download

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