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Money Cash Receipt Template as Transaction Proof

If you are a buyer, you often receive receipts when making a transaction. There are two types of transactions, namely electronic transactions and money cash. The cash is still often used by the general public because there are no additional costs like in the electronic transactions. Therefore, if you are the business owner, you should use the money cash receipt template.

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The Benefit of Using Money Cash Receipt Template

Unlike electronic transactions where every data transaction that’s carried out will be stored digitally, cash transaction data is not stored directly, so it is prone to miscalculation. By using a receipt, both sellers and buyers can see the transaction information clearly and transparently. In this case, both parties can see how much expenditure (for buyers) and how much profit you get (for the seller). The use of templates can make it easier for you, as a seller to make business reports, especially for financial and business progress reports because sales information and every detail can be documented.

What You Should Put on Money Cash Receipt Template

If you want to make a money cash receipt template, you should write information that can benefit both the seller and the buyer. To make it easier for you, it is a good idea to see the samples of information that’s usually written on the receipt.

  1. Seller Details

Write the basic information about your business, starting from the business name, complete address, contact information (phone, e-mail, website, and others), and the type of service your business provides.


  1. Buyer Details

Write the buyer’s identity clearly, so any mistakes do not occur. Be careful in the spelling, so buyers with similar names are not confused.


  1. Time of transaction

Write the complete transaction time, such as the day, date, month and year. This is to make it easier to track the expenses made by buyers and calculate the profits for sellers.


  1. Product Details

Writing the product specifications will be very helpful if the product error occurs to be exchanged again or ask for the money back.


  1. The total amount to be paid

Write the amount that a buyer must pay in detail. If you give a discount, write down how much the discount is given as well as if there are additional taxes.


  1. Signatures of sellers and buyers

This is an important matter. The signatures of both parties indicate the seller and buyer agree to make a transaction.

Tips to Create Money Cash Receipt Template

Before making a money cash receipt template, you should read the tips beforehand. First, you should provide a logo on the template as your business identity. Second, give a little information about the terms and conditions if something goes wrong. And finally, make your design as simple as possible.

Where to Find Free Money Cash Receipt Template

Besides creating your template, you can also get the free money cash receipt template. Several sites provide free templates like those on this page. In addition to various templates, you can also find a variety of information about the templates that can increase your knowledge.


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