Automobile Bill of Sale

Automobile Bill of Sale Templates and the Free Examples


Asking for an automobile bill of sale is mandatory for every customer. After purchasing a car, they have the right to receive the bill. The bill will act as a legally-binding document to track the transaction and allow everyone involved in the car purchasing to understand that the car is in good condition and stuff. To make it easy when creating the bill, this is the template to be used.

automobile bill of sale form

What Should Be on the Automobile Bill of Sale?


Basically, a bill is going to be used to inform the buyer about the transaction and eventually the amount of money to buy. So, what should be written on the automobile bill of sale? The answer is down below. Take a look at them and you will understand about making the bill even further. Here they are for you to examine.

  1. Seller and Vehicle Information

The information about the seller must be the first thing to appear on the document. It has to be written clearly as this is the party to receive the money and the one to hand the car over. Also, the vehicle information must be specifically written here, including the year of making as well as the model of the car.


  1. Buyer Information

Buyer information is as important as any other information here. The bill should write down everything about the buyer, including full name, address, ID number, and more as the usage of the car will be in the hand of the buyer right after the transactions. If there is abuse or unwanted things happened with the car after transactions, the buyer should be the one responsible for it, not the seller.


Notary Automobile Bill of Sale Templates


Sometimes, the bill-making process will be witnessed by a notary. It will certainly enhance the legal value of the document. It usually happens when the value of the car is very high and expensive. This is the template for you to use to add third-party, in this case, notary, to the automobile bill of sale. Use them right now as they are here for free.


Simple Automobile Bill of Sale Templates


The bill does not have to be written in complicated forms. It can be designed as simple as possible by adding the needed information only to the document. There is no need to be worried about it as the example will be shown over here.


Automobile Bill of Sale Form Templates


If you want the bill to look like a form and you do not have to type and customize it, the template to be used is here. Download this template all for free and the form will be ready in no time at all.

 automobile bill of sale pdf

Automobile Bill of Sale Template Free Download automobile bill of sale template with notary automobile bill of sale template Free Automobile Bill of Sale Template sample automobile bill of sale

There is no way that a car purchasing process is left without any bills or legal document transactions. That is why making the bill is mandatory if you run a car selling business. Instead of spending hours making the bill templates, those automobile bills of sale templates up above can be used absolutely for free. Get them right now.

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