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Gun Bill of Sale and Information about the Template of Bills


Gun or firearm ownership is different from having other kinds of weapons. It is because there is a specific regulation regarding gun ownership. That is why it is not all people can sell, buy, and own guns or firearms. In this case, the sellers should be certified and they should have a specific gun bill of sale. This document is more than just a purchase receipt, but this can also be a legal document to support the authorization of gun ownership.

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Details in the Gun Bill Of Sale Template


The bill of sale for the gun or firearm is different from common receipts. When it is about the general receipts, this will only have the specific information price and goods detail. In the bill of sale for guns, the details are more specific and these are some of them.

  1. Date

It specifically mentions the date of the transaction. Even, some documents have specific hours and minutes of the transaction.


  1. Names

The name includes both the seller and the buyer. It is not only about name, but the address of both parties must be included.


  1. Gun specification

The gun specification must be mentioned and described clearly in the document. Gun type, model, caliber, and other details must be listed.


  1. Price

Then, the last part is about the price. Even, some documents show the payment method.


Samples of Gun Bill Of Sale Template


Based on the description above, it is clear that the bill of sale for guns is different from the common purchase or sale receipts. The document can have more specific details regarding the buyer, sellers, and product details. In this case, the components of the document may be similar, but the templates can be different.


The document template for gun bill of sale is created and it depends on each seller. However, in creating the bill of sales, it may not be easy since there can be many details to include and it cannot be ignored. That is why it will be useful to have some samples. The samples can give references on how to make and organize the bill of sales and its points or details. With the samples, everyone does not need to get confused anymore.


The Gun Bill of Sale Template Formats


In terms of template formats, there can be many kinds of document formats to find. In this case, the most common format to find is the Microsoft Word and the files are saved in doc and docx extension. This app is popular since it is easy to use.


There are also people who choose to make the templates of a gun bill of sale in the Microsoft Excel. This is chosen since it is easy to use when it talks about the rows and columns of tables. However, it may need more customization to create a template design. In addition to these two, PDF and format of Google Docs may also be available.


Downloading Free Gun Bill Of Sale Template


All of those document formats can be found when people are interested to download the bill of sale templates. In the website, commonly these options of document extension are already available, so everyone

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Gun Bill of Sale Template Free download gun trade bill of sale used gun bill of sale

In downloading the template documents, some websites do not require people to pay. In other words, they can download many files freely. The free access can be found on some websites and these surely become good benefits for those who need to have a gun bill of sale.

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