Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale Formats and Templates


Getting the sample vehicle bill of sale is important if you work in the automobile industry, particularly in the world where trading and selling cars and other types of vehicle is done daily. The bill of sale is one of the most essential documents that you have to make in that industry. The templates to make the bill will be shown down below for you.

simple bill of sale

Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale Importance


What are the significances of getting and using the sample vehicle bill of sale? You do not have to make up the bill on your own, which can be very hard sometimes. All you have to do is using the template as the base of the bill and make a little change only. Also, the bill of sales has other functions and they are:

  1. Describing Vehicle Conditions

Whether the car or vehicle being sold there is in new or second-handed condition, the real description of the car, mostly on the physical look, has to be written quite clearly on the bill of sale. It won’t make it easy for the buyers to sign something really important and to pay a lot of money for something that they have no idea about, particularly on the look. This is why car description is important here.


  1. Describing the Price

Aside from the look, the price is really important. The bill is going to be used in extracting money from the buyer. This is the reason why the bill needs to display how much the car is priced in the first place.


Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale for Price Certification


Sometimes, the most important thing people will notice during a vehicle transaction is the price of the car or other types of vehicles they buy. The price becomes essential because it defines the value of the vehicle for sure. Use this sample vehicle bill of sale over here to guide you in making the best bill of sales that contains the price certification.


Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale from DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles)


The department from the government in charge of vehicle permits and other stuff is the DMV. Sometimes, the bill of sale can come right from the DMV, especially when the car is coming from government-funded companies. This is the sample of the DMV bill of sales.


Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale from Notary


To make sure the bill of sale is getting the legal value; sometimes a notary is going to be asked to sign the document. If you need to do so, use this template over here to create the legal letter signed by a notary.


Working in an industry where the goods being sold is something expensive like cars and other vehicle makes it is impossible to ignore legal paperwork. This is the reason why making the bill of sale is something mandatory for everyone working in the industry to notice. Take a good look at those sample vehicle bill of sale and templates above and use them to make your bill.


vehicle bill of sale no warranty template

vehicle bill of sale template with lien vehicle bill of sale template

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