Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Professionally Designed Sample Taxi Receipt Template

For someone who’s going on a business trip, it is important to collect the receipts of their expenses. That’s why every taxi company must be ready to provide one for users of their service. The receipt can vary a lot in terms of designs or information included. You may find a sample taxi receipt template in blank to allows the customers to fill the fare numbers by themselves, to the detailed one that includes space to write the tip amounts.

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Sample Taxi Receipt Template Collections

The sample taxi receipt template is a pre-formatted slip document given to the passenger by the driver, to inform about the fare payment details. The taxi driver should keep track of the trip activities, just like any other business. By giving the receipt, the drive can record the passenger’s identity, the amount of payment, and other details about the trip such as date or mileage taken. The passenger also has the chance to reach for the taxi company through the information available inside the receipt, in case they forget about their phones, luggage, wallet, etc.

Sample Taxi Receipt Template Contents

A well-made receipt must be informative to anyone who reads it. Almost all of the sample taxi receipt template forms here contain these following details below:

  1. The taxi company identity

Put the company’s name at the top of the receipt. It is also possible to add the company’s logo as a subtle marketing strategy.


  1. The taxi company address and contact numbers

Write down the company’s address and the contact numbers such as phone or email address to make it easier for clients to reach out.


  1. Date and time

Input the exact day, date, and time of the trip.


  1. Pickup and destination address

Give more insight into the trip by including the pickup and destination address of the clients.


  1. Driver’s identity

Put the name of the driver on the receipt.


  1. Cab details

Put the number plate of the cab.


  1. Fare amount

Input the amount of fare that the client has to pay.


  1. Notes

This is an optional section, but you may provide space for the customer to write something related to the trip using a taxi.


  1. Total

Input the total that the client should pay including the tips.

Free Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Using a template is a convenient way to provide a taxi receipt for the passenger. They could get a well-structured and easy to understand slip as a proof of transaction over their trip. It is also beneficial for the owner of the taxi business company because the templates are free to download, highly customizable, and designed with proper layout.

Downloadable Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Track the rides of your company’s taxis and drivers by using the sample taxi receipt template. It helps to create better brand awareness for your business and allows you to serve professionally-looking receipt to up your game in the industry. Feel free to choose any template available and edit its format as much as you’d like.

Example of a Taxi Receipt Free Download

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